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Cat Injury

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Hello again...

Seems like I'm always posting something relating to an injury of one of my cats. I spotted blood in the shape of a cat pad. I checked and found that a toe nail on the rear leg of my cat Cosmo is bleeding. It looks like perhaps the exterior portion of the nail was peeled off. I know that it's normal for cat's nails to "shed" (not sure of the exact terminology). However, in this case it would seem that it is not normal since there is blood involved and my cat is limping, favoring his bad toe. He is licking at it, so I assume he will keep it clean and eventually heel himself. If he shows no improvement in a few days, I will take him to the vet.

Has anyone experienced this before?
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Sorry, I haven't experienced that, so can't give any good advice!

I think watching him and taking him to the vet if it gets worse is a good idea. Just make sure he's using the litter tray. If his foot hurts he may be hesitant to go into the litter tray.

Good luck!
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