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Happy Easter Day

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I am just dropping in to wish you all a safe and happy Easter Day and hope that the rest of the year is peaceful for all.
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It's not easter over here yet, but thank you! You too!
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Happy Easter for tomorrow since I have to work and probably won't get online until towards the night.
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Happy Easter to you and all on TCS

I wonder which of us will get the most Easter Eggs?
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Happy ostara!!!

Oh bugger...i have barely had ANY choccie today...*falls over*
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from Dino, Princess Pepsi, Miss Moofi and Terrible Teddy
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happy easter guys!
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From Jerry, myself, and TTP&B,
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Happy Easter Everyone!
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Happy Easter!
I've already even had a little miracle here at home this morning! Marishka got out when the front door didn't close all the way on the way out to church this morning, and luckily stayed close to home and was easily found, scared but safe. And on no more of a perfect day, but today!
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Happy Easter!!!!
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Originally Posted by Jenny82 View Post
Happy Easter!!!!
Happy Glorious Easter

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