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Odd surgery for Crystals?

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My Bunky was in the vets for 8 days this time. He would block every other day:-( He's home, and very doped up now. He's on the antibiotics still and they also added Diazepam to his prescriptions.

I'm nervous because the vet wants to do surgery in the next week or two to cut his bladder open and clean out what might be a stone. I don't understand because all along he has been getting blocked by crystals. Won't cutting open the bladder, stone or crystal, be a useless move? Won't crystals still be created and block once his bladder is healed? I don't want my poor Bunky keep getting blocked but I don't want a useless surgery on my poor kitty.

She didn't want to put him on a dissolution diet this time since he hates the taste and refused to eat. We are trying to give him only moist food. We just bought Purina Pro for Urinary health and also the Hill's Science diet. We also have the water fountain. Our Bunky has been in the vets at least 3 weeks worth over the last 3 months. We are trying everything we can, moist food, water fountain.

Any other advise? Especially on the surgery- that just scares me. Some advise would be great, Thanks!
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Hello and welcome.

How old is Bunky? I assume the crystals are "struvite"? That's the type that is dissolvable with diet, so I would guess that's the type that Bunky has....since you mentioned the food he didn't like.

Have they done xray(s) or ultrasound?

Has your vet offered the option of treating him with an acidifier, in place of the dissolution food? There's a product called Methigel (available at the vet) that acidifies the urine much like the food does. It's a sticky goo, sort of like hairball gel.

The struvite crystals can form a stone...which would either require the special food (dissolution type) or medication, either way - something to put the pH in the range necessary to dissolve the stone. If neither of those things are an option, and the stone is significant then I can't think of another way to handle it other than the surgery that you are looking at now.

The moist food and extra water intake will help keep further crystals at bay, but some cats battle this to some extent for quite awhile. If there's a significant amount of 'stuff' already formed in the bladder, then Bunky will be more uncomfortable and have more frequent relapses without some more agressive treatment (such as the surgery, if the food and/or acidifier is not an option).

I hope all of that makes sense...let me know if I can help answer your questions.
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We have tried the diet in the beginning actually around a month in a half worth. The vet made it seem as though he was improving all along. He has had several ultrasounds, I believe each time he goes in. That is how we knew he was getting better. Up until this last 8 day stay, he was "getting better". I fear the vet is turning to surgery in hopes of clearing it up. But the problem I have, is this surgery was suggested the end of Feb. We asked if It’ll clear it up please do it. He had an x-ray, ready to get the surgery and they changed their mind at the last minute saying it wasn’t what they thought. But now I feel as though the vet is just giving up and suggesting surgery instead of attempting another option. How was this exact surgery not right a month in a half ago, but now even though he has the same symptoms and problems, now it’s right? I tried to ask the vet about cranberry even the "Carpon" brand. She frowned on it not believing it would help. Why is surgery the next step that wasn’t right before when he has the same exact issue? Is it because I’m $700 MORE in the hole with a bill well over $1300? I am going to call another vet for a second opinion. I just am a bit skeptical and VERY frustrated

Thank you for your concern. Oh, by the way Bunky is only 5 years old almost 6... didn't have any health concerns or problems of any kind until this Jan, which we are still dealing with.
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You're right...it doesn't sound like the vet really has any concrete answers for you. That is very frustrating.

I agree, I believe a 2nd opinion would be money well spent. Perhaps you can get copies of records, test results, etc for the other vet.
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Has your vet mention the option of perinial urethrostomy-a surgery that widens the urethra and prevents blockage. One of my boys had the same problem and the surgery has really done wonders for us. We also increased wet food intake and switched to a grain-free diet since there is a lot of corelation between grain in dry food and alkaline urine that is prone to crystal formation. I agree that cleaning up the bladder won't prevent anything in the long run. I hope you find the right treatment for your boy soon.
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Search Carpon Dr. Belfield for other options.
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Thanks for your replies. I've been busy with my Bunky. I took him for a second opinion. I believe one of the best in the area, Cornell University. They said all options have been really tried. They took a urinalysis directly from the bladder and took some blood to make sure the kitty valium he was on didn't damage his liver. While he was there, after the two tests, he got extremely mad. Next thing you knew, large bladder- just struggled to pee. Bladder blocked once again. I was at the vet for 7 1/2 hrs. I admitted him on Wed.

He ended up having two surgeries. One of the surgeries cleaned out his bladder, since the ultrasound showed possibility of two small stones. So of course I agreed to get those out, He also had the P U surgery. Luckily the bladder was free of stones, just tons of blood clots from the frequent catheters he received. Poor kid. But he had surgery Fri., came home Sun. He is currently recovering. VERY STUBBURN - won't eat, is in a bit of pain. I get about 1/4 can of food down him a day with a little water. I'm praying this is his cure and the beginning of his recovery.

Thanks for all your help!!

Ps… I was trying cranberry extract, helped his pee be less cloudy. I feel if I had more time it could have helped more than it did. That Carpon looks like a miracle worker, I should get some to keep on hand
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