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My cockatiel hurt his beak... :(

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Izzy is my male pied cockatiel. I had him out for his daily lovin', and he got startled by something (as cockatiels often do) and flew off. He landed hard and hit the wall with his beak. His neck is fine. He isn't bleeding... but he has a bruise on his beak now. Poor guy doesn't look too happy... He's just letting his girl Pandora preen his head feathers. I think he'll be fine, but with birds, sometimes you never know... they're so fragile and hide things too well.

Send some vibes for my Izzy....

Here he is with his girlfriend Pandora....
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Poor little chap. Get well }}}vibes{{{ for Izzy.
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Do you think I should take him to the vet? I got a good look at him and felt around his neck and head (very carefully) and he sees ok... he's probably just sore. He still eats. But... I could be missing something and I might regret it later...
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Awww. Poor little guy. If he is still acting normal and not acting different, slow, depressed like, etc. then I wouldn't worry about it too much. But if he is acting different and his beak looks bad I would take him in just to be safe. Hope the little guy feels better soon. That had to of hurt.
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Aww, poor tike.
Is he bonded with the female? Do they share a cage?
Hopefully she'll feed him for a few days as I'm sure it's probably sore.

If he seems fine, I think you should take him in on Monday just to be sure.
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Ah! Excellent point! They are indeed bonded. I've put softened pellets in there for a little while tonight, he ate about two of them. He must still be sore, but otherwise he acts fine. I'll keep an eye out to make sure she feeds him... they usually do it daily anyway.

I'm definitely giving a call on Monday just to be double safe, but unless I still notice any symptoms, I probably won't take him in unless the vet gives me a good reason. I'm stubborn.
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Good plan.
It's always nice to have bonded birds in these cases, as often, they will care for one another when needed, it's just so sweet.

Hopefully he'll be 100% by Monday.
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The pellets are working! He's eating those with no problem now... he just must not have been hungry an hour ago.

That is an excellent plan, Arlyn... it is incredibly sweet! They look so content when the snuggle and feed eachother. I think maybe I should keep a pair of every bird I get, since I never plan on getting toos or big parrots. The conures are bonded, too... but I've never had eggs from them like I've had from the tiels (ugh... I hate dealing with eggs). The conures look to be male and female, but with no eggs, and looks being deceiving with parrots, I could be wrong. There are no color differences, so I have to go by shape of head and personality. I'm too cheap for the DNA test.
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They feed each other? Awwww! Thats too sweet. I have never seen any of mine feed each other (well except for the babies of course. LOL). That would be too cool.
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