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Nikita photos

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Right, I've decided that because I take a lot of photos (although I do have periods where I take less) and I like sharing them it'd get too spammy if I started new threads all the time so I'm going to keep things simple and try to keep the photos to this thread.

I bribed her with tuna to stay in the spot with the best light so I could snap photos of her.

Hmm it's hard to get the tuna from the corners, maybe a paw will work better

..or maybe not

Accident waiting to happen

Another angle, with a cunningly placed white sheet in the background to get less clutter.

She was quick to vacate the chosen spot once the tuna was finished.

It was sunny and nice.

but toes needed cleaning nevertheless.

Snoozing away in the sun after a good play session.

That's it for now. I also figured I should put up my camera info etc. here because people tend to ask. My current camera is a Nikon d50. It's a nice 6mp digital SLR. I have two lenses for it, an 18-55mm zoom lens that came with it and an old manual f1.8 50mm prime lens that I got off ebay very cheap. I prefer that lens really, it's very sharp and fast. I want more photography equipment but don't even have a tripod atm.
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Originally Posted by Siggav View Post
..or maybe not

These are my favourites!!

She seems like a real character, I bet she keeps you on your toes Her eyes are gorrrrgeous!

Give her a belly rub for me
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Nikita looks great!! The toe picture is my favorite.

"Hey, I got 4 toes!!!"
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I love seeing pictures of Nikita! She is beauty!!
You take wonderful pictures too
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Beautiful photo's........and a BEAUTIFUL cat !!!
Wonderful exposure as well as focus. I too, take a lot of pictures and occasionally post a few that meet my standards. It can be a real trick to get the cats to sit and pose. I have tried numerous things as well, but you will get a lot of use out of a tripod, I don't know how I ever lived without one......well maybe I do......I had to use the flash much more than I liked to. Once again, EXCELLENT photo's.

Winter Hawk
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I love those pictures of Nakita. She is one beautiful Bengal.
Did she end up breaking that glass dish you put her tuna in? In one picture it looks like she's about to knock it off.
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Of course Nakita is gorgeous, but half the pleasure of your photos is the photography. Keep'em coming.

I tend to spam, too... although not every day. More like once a week. Sometimes I wonder if people would prefer I keep them all in one thread. Oh well.
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Wow! Beautiful cat, and great photos! I like the shallow depth of field, it makes for a gorgeous "portrait" feel!

On your photos, you can see her pelt so well that I can almost imagine what it feels like...sleek and cool.
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she is a beautiful kitty, take some close up
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Nakita u are just such a GORGEOUS girl, those pics are great, I really like the close up one And those markings, simply gorgeous
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my favourite pic is her cleaning her toes how cute!!! i really think Nakita is one of the most stunning cats ive seen!!!
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heck more Nakita - she is just stunning, bet youre are proud as punch about her..............and your photos are brill
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What a gorgeous bengal, and really good photos too!
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Originally Posted by Siggav View Post
WOW! You can actually see her glitter! And those eyes! Shes such a beautiful girl! Fantastic pics, and I look forward to updates!!! (notice, this is the only sentence that doesn't have an exclamation mark )
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Those pictures are beautiful as is Nikita! Where did you find her? Am I correct in that she is a brown spotted tabby bengal? What kind of camera did you use?
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always beautiful!!!
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Oh gosh, she is a gorgeous cat with, obviously, alot of purrsonality! You took great photos ans I love the captions. Escuse, I gotta run and buy a Bengal!
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She is gorgeous.

My fav shot is the last one of her in the sun - I love the dark/light contrast.
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Sarahp - Yep she really keeps me on my toes. I wouldn't want it any other way though

watchcaddy - I think it looks a bit as if she's got black gloves on in that one somehow. Cat toasies are so cute though. Fun to try get in photos.

Crazyforinfo - thanks!

Winter Hawk - I've got a lot of practice when it comes to cat photos now, although I think I've probably just gotten better at culling out the worse ones. I'll get a tripod one of these days! I want an external flash too, the on camera one is way too harsh and you can't control the angle at all. Thanks for your comment

Hopehacker - The glass dish fell on the floor but it's tough and doesn't break. I've dropped it numerous times so I wasn't too worried about Nikita pushing it off.

Godiva - Thank you! I have too often people comment on my pictures with a sentiment like: If you didn't have such a pretty cat your photos would be uninteresting, it's just luck really that you've got that cat. And well I love Nikita and I think she's gorgeous, of course I do, but I also put a lot of effort into taking and processing my photos and I know a big part of it is her but it's not just that.

Clixpix - That's one of the things I love about my camera, being able to control the depth of field, it makes a huge difference. She's sleek and warm in the sunlight Incredibly soft as well.

Robyns4cats - By close up do you mean macros or portrait shots?

ProudKittieMom - I've passed your compliments on to Nikita (through some chin scratchings and a cuddle)

Troublesome2 - Thanks

Mooficat - Me, proud? Of course, and thanks!

Pawsandwhiskers - thanks for your comment

Tiffany - It's really hard to capture glitter in photos so I was really happy about that one and don't worry there'll be plenty of updates.

Duchess - I bought her from a very good breeder that's near Aberdeen in Scotland (I live in Edinburgh) and yeah she's a brown spotted tabby Bengal. My camera is a Nikon d50, I talked abit more about my camera in my first post in this thread.

LuckyGirl - Can cats be anything other than beautiful?

Inbandcats - Yep she's brimming over with personality. It's close to living with an extra person in the house, she's always up to something.

GingersMom - That last one is my current desktop wallpaper

Right! more photos. Black and White this time around

Ok they're not all in black and white. I tried to make this one feel like an oil painting. Rich shadows and coloured. I'm really proud of it.

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the last black and white one makes her look like a little tiger!!! and the 2nd one is just so beautiful- have you got any of these blown up before? they would look great framed on a wall!
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Originally Posted by Siggav View Post
LOL! This should be the picture next to the dictionary/encyclopedia entry for Bengal Cat!

Ok they're not all in black and white. I tried to make this one feel like an oil painting. Rich shadows and coloured. I'm really proud of it.

Mission accomplished! You really outdid yourself here. It totally looks like an oil painting. Your use of light and shadow is very professional. You could give those professional cat photographers a run for their money. I'd pay you to take pics of my crew in a heartbeat!
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Originally Posted by tiffanyjbt View Post
You could give those professional cat photographers a run for their money.I'd pay you to take pics of my crew in a heartbeat!
Me too!! very pro!
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Brilliant photos! The B&Ws really "tell a story" which is one of the things I love aobut B&W. When the color is not there to dazzle the eye, you get the opportunity to see the "personality" of the subject.

Your "oil painting" is absolutely beautiful!
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Wow she is a beautiful cat. Glad you shared the pics of her with us.
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troublesome2 - I've wanted to get some of the photos printed large and framed but.. well, see my apartment is filled with cat stuff (scratching posts and toys) and if I were to add photos of Nikita to the wall (in addition to her being very prominent everywhere, she sniffs all visitors and sits on top of the TV etc.) I'd definately look a bit more "mad cat lady"-ish than I already do. I'm thinking of having them printed in a photobook though so I can look at the better once big and printed.

tiffany - Oh wow! That's a huge compliment, thank you. I've never gotten money for my photos, I just love cats (and photography)

clixpix - Yeah black and white is a lot of fun to play with.

Tavia'smom - thanks!

I've not been able to take any new photos since the last batch but here are a few kitten photos of her. So voila! baby Nikita.

Not a fantastic photo from an artistic point of view, but it's from my first full day with her (the morning after the trip to get her from her breeder) and look at her paws!

She was so tiny back then. It's easy to forget. She has also darkened a lot.
Anyway baby Nikita + featherstick =

a few days later and the feather stick was more of a stick than a feather stick.

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wow she is beautiful... and your phtography is really great to for a Amatuer. I would Def pay you for shots like that of my girls.. capturing their personalities on film. Nikita is so pretty Siggav. She is so regal looking..
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Wow! Nikita is absolutely stunning and your photography is brilliant. I really, really enjoy your photos. So artistic and beautiful! Definitely keep them coming!
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Wow! Your pictures are stunning! What a gorgeous cat! She looks so healthy and the shine on her coat!

I have the same camera but I`m still learning to use it properly
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Wow, very nice pics! Nikita must bring a lot of fun into your daily life.

It's amazing how owning a cat can bring out the photographer in people. I had a cat, also named Nakita, who recently passed away. I never owned a camera until she came home with us. Then, I couldn't stop taking pictures of her! I just finished moving all her pictures to an external storage area and it took me a very long time. I'll now have to find another subject to focus on, but haven't picked up the camera in a while.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful girl with us. I really enjoyed the pics.
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tjwharton24 - Thank you. I've been heavily into photography for several years now but I'm learning all the time. It's really nice to share my Nikita photos with other people that like cats. It's so much fun trying to capture her personality through the photos.

Mollysmom - Thanks! there's a few more coming now

Jaffacake - I'm still learning about my camera. I don't think you ever finish learning about photography which is quite good I have to feed Nikita very high quality cat foods, she has a sensitive stomach. A very nice side effect is a glossy shiny coat

Russian Blue - She really brings a lot of fun into my life and yeah it's really a lot of fun taking pictures of cats. I take lots of non-cat photos but I'm not posting these here for obvious reasons. I hope you'll find another subject to focus on and I'm sorry to year you lost your cat.

I had a very nice weekend this last one and took lots of pictures.

I've got my eye on you

I love her tail in this one more of a trunk than a whip, heh..

Trying to get it

Got it!


She got hold of a toilet roll...

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