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Net curtains and kitties don`t mix!

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Nearly had heart failiure! Just put Maisie in my bedroom so she could have run about while Kitty was asleep and I was going to groom her but I forgot the brush and comb so came back out for them and Kitty gets up and follows me to bedroom and wants to go in.
Then I heard this aweful wailing!
Opened door and couldnt see her.Went round the side of the bed by the window and she was hanging by her front paw from the net curtain!
She had a claw stick in it and it was wrapped round several times. Took a good few minutes to release her but I couldn`t put her down and go for scissors because she`d just be hanging.
She seems ok though, poor baby. I feel terrible.
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Awwwwwwwwwww poor baby.I'm glad she isn't hurt and that you found her BEFORE she could get hurt.
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Poor baby! Is she traumatized now?
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How old is Maisie? I decided quite a while ago that it wasn't a good idea to have (net) curtains up with any cats under a year. Hubby reinforced all curtain rods with HUGE screws. The curtains we have are all pushed to the side to allow easy access to window sills. Cats and curtains just don't mix well.
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She seems fine. The claw wasn`t bleeding and she`s walking and moving ok.
She`s an elderly lady. Not sure how old, vet said teenager. She`s gone to bed now so I will check her again in the morning.
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Hope she is feeling better today?
My female cat Pepsi often swings on my nets and on my curtains. Lord only knows what she hopes to accomplish. The only problem was that she got herself caught and would just sit there with her arm up in the air (like she was at school waiting to ask teacher a question!). I took her to the vets to get her spayed and asked that the vet also trim her front claws which is did and now we dont have the same issue. Hasnt stopped her from claimbing up there however! Silly kitties X
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they seem to love net curtains, i'm glad she is ok, we have to free our to an a regular basis!
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Her paw is fine but she`s going to the vets tomorrow so I`m going to ask them to show me how to clip her claws because I can hear them when she walks on the wooden floor and she doesn`t scratch much and being old they probably need attention.

I think those nets are coming down. They are horrible ones anyway. Have to persuade landlord to fit some blinds
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Aww the poor girl I am glad she is okay. We don't have any net curtains but we do have blinds and I have to constantly remind my dad not to leave the cords down.
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I was thinking of getting some curtains to cover my blinds but with the new kitten, I decided it would probably be a good idea to wait. She loves to climb. Good to know Maisie is okay. They get themselves into amazing situations.
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Originally Posted by Jaffacake View Post
I think those nets are coming down. They are horrible ones anyway. Have to persuade landlord to fit some blinds
A lot of kitties love to break blinds, though, and replacing curtains is usually cheaper. How about shutters?
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Hmmm. I like the idea but they are big bay windows. I`m thinking that would be pretty expensive.
I think she just wanted to get up on the window sill. She`s a bit old to be swinging from the curtains! Bless her little socks
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