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Another funny little quiz :)

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It's the Freudian Character Test.


Here's my results.

You scored 36% Oral-receptive, 58% Oral-aggressive, 55% Anal-retentive, and 34% Phallic!
So what does my highest score mean?

The Oral Receptive Character

This character occurs when an infant is overindulged. As a child, they were likely unconditionally encouraged and praised. In adulthood, they tend to be dependent, gullible, and overly optimistic. Their friends find them very demanding, which is confusing and hurtful to the Oral Receptive Character. This character needs to learn to accept that not everyone will love them.

The Oral Aggressive Character

This character occurs when an infant was often frustrated. Later in life, they learn to exploit other people. They frequently argue and like to debate...as long as it's understood that they are always right. They also tend to be a little sarcastic. And yes, they like to chew on things. (Oral-fixation anyone? Yeah, now it makes sense.)

The Anal Retentive Character

This character stems from problems in toilet training. Yes, indeed, the Anal Retentive Character had something against the potty. These people tend to be very regimented and orderly. Everything must be perfect so that they feel in control.

The Phallic Character

Ah, what would a Freudian test be without a phallus? The Phallic Character results when the Oedipus conflict is not entirely resolved. For men, they felt threatened by their father and consequently feel castration anxiety. For females, apparently they just really want a penis. Either way, Phallic Characters tend to be exhibitionists, often trying to seduce others to make up for feeling threatened as a child.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 13% on Oral-receptive

You scored higher than 96% on Oral-aggressive

You scored higher than 80% on Anal-retentive

You scored higher than 59% on Phallic
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Ha ha ha ha haaaa! I just did it.

52% Oral Receptive
38% Oral Aggressive
55% Anal Retentive
24% Phallic

Well, I did wet the bed till I was 7!!!
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Mine was quite well on too... Strange..I do have oral fixation problems...like I used to always have to suck on the edge of the cup while I drank and I have a water bottle I have to sort of suck the water out of. I also had a lot of biting issues and still do. I won't use a pen unless it's got a lid which I chew up badly and I don't use pencils because I chew the erasers. Chewing on stuff makes me feel relaxed. IT's pretty strange.
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