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SIGH - What a week!

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First a car accident, then I lose presidency for student council (got pretty ugly) and NOW I slipped and fell and sprained/strained my arm and it wouldn't have been that bad but it's my right arm and I can't do much with it now.

I haven't gone to the doc's yet. I know for sure it's something, mom said probably an A grade sprain, but won't know unless I get an x-ray...which I do not have time for. My mom's a nurse and she keeps telling me to go, but I HATE doctors and I'd rather suffer. I've given myself first aid and I'm trying to put off the doc's until monday afternoon because if it's gotta be put up, I won't be able to type any of my essays that have to be finished for monday. *SIGH* I know I'm being stupid and could make it worse, but desperate times call for desperate messures.

I guess I should stop whinning now. Back to homework.
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Go to the doctors, a friend of mine has a pretty much identical attitude as you to doctors and injuries etc. and he walked around for a week with a broken hand thinking it was a sprain and that his self administered first aid was fine, he could move his fingers and the pain wasn't *that* bad etc.

..and really having hands that work is pretty important so to do anything that could make the healing take longer is very counter productive in the long term.
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Sorry to hear about your bad week, but I'd also go to the doctor's as soon as possible. Suppose it's a fracture, and you suffer permanent nerve damage because it wasn't treated?
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Sorry to hear you had such a bad week. Please get your arm checked out though!!
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Aww im sorry that your having such a bad week. I hope your arm gets better soon. I agree with the others, you should get it taken care of by a doctor.
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