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We are 5 weeks old!

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(Her darker colored eye is turning brown. The other one is staying light blue)

Sorry about the red eye. I had the camera leaned down some and it still did it. I don't have a red eye program so Willy looks evil.
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They are SO cute! Thank goodness you live far away from me, otherwise I'd be over there to steal PorkChop as soon as she was big enough!
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That little doll has her forever home here with me. Mike and I fell in love with her not too long after she came out.
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oooooo I want Willy sooooo bad!! I could too you know I'm dogless and in need of a new dog (parents won't let me ). I love them they are adorable and by the sound of your other post very smart! I really want one!
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What cuties they are!
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OMG, they are Gorgeous!!! I want one!
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They're growing up fast and cute!
Willy does look like a wee trouble monster with that look in his eye. I love PorkChop's batman mask!
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O my sooo GORGEOUS, look at all that cuteness
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Aww!! So adorable!!
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Oh my!!!! what sweethearts, those are such precious photos give them all some tummy rubs from us
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Awwwwww! They are sooo adorable!!
I read about you on the dog forum, I'm so glad to see an update on the pups.
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AWW!! Those babies are so cute!! I forget, are they husky??

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You should have the title as Cuteness Warning!I love puppies there so darn cute!
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