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The dark side of Pixel...

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Thread Starter on the right (well, her left).

She rarely sits still long enough to get a decent close up, but she cooperated a little bit today. I think she looks slightly annoyed, though.
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Wow!! That's beautiful--She's got such distinctive markings! You can clearly see the line down the center of her face... I've seen that only once before, and that was in a book on cats, a picture of a DSH tortie called "Tapestry Charm" who'd won a cat show award...
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BEAUTIFUL picture.......perfect focus and exposure.

Winter Hawk
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That's a gorgeous photo. Composition, focus, exposure etc. not to mention the model herself!

She really does have a dark side doesn't she? It's very striking and she's very pretty.
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Ferris thinks that Pixel should be a model.
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Lovely, lovely, lovely!
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Very unique. Wonderful!!
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such a sweet little face!
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What a gorgeous girl! Torties tend to look alike to me (and I'm speaking as someone who had one for almost twenty years!), but Pixel stands out...she's stunning!
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That is an awesome picture! I love "two toned torties"...
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Thread Starter 
Thanks for the nice comments. I was smitten with this little girl when I first saw her. She's very special, and she knows it.

I think it's neat how her whiskers are white on the light side and black on the dark side...all coordinated. On a funny note, she has a line down the middle of her rear end too...but I won't post that.

And GingersMom...she's too young to date.
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what a little beauty! it must so amazing to look at her from the sides..she must look like a different cat, depending on which side you look at her from!
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o my what a GORGEOUS girl, that face is soo precious, that picture is just soo GREAT She is just simply GORGEOUS
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