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I wonder if they have this in Pet sizes

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I think that 8-Bit needs this shirt. He'll wear it proudly.
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That's cute! You should email the artist and ask him to make you one with cats paws and claws coming out of the machine and make it catsize. I bet he would if you offered him money.
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You at least need a siggy of him wearing that shirt! (but you'd probably have to buy him one to do it legally anyways, so go for it! )
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You know you want one for YOU!!
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It only comes in boy sizes so I'd have to buy one for DH.
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You could make the design and upload it to cafepress and order the kitty tshirt
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Wow - an 8-Bit T-shirt! It was meant to be!
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LOL thats cute.If you get one, you'll HAVE to post pics.
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You should email them and tell them about 8-Bit kitty and all of his antics. Perhaps he could be the poser kitty for the site.
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Just buy him a full size human one and shrink it in the wash
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I would be scared to put it on him. Even if he lets you put it on him and take his pic, just think of the revenge he would be plotting. But..........that would be cute enough to make it worth a little bloodshed.
I just love reading the adventures of 8-Bit. I bet it would make for a great story!
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