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Almost Easter Babies!!

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Sorry I haven't updated on Butterball in a while. I've been on vacation all week and have not been near a PC since I don't have one at home. Today I came to the library so that I could update ya'll on Butterball. I could tell the past few days she was just so different. She was so clingy and wouldn't let either myself or my daughter Amber out of her sight for long without getting really upset with us. She would even follow me everywhere, from my bedroom to the bathroom and get in front of my feet as if to stop me from leaving one room. Well, last night while I was watching the news in bed she was laying on my bed and had her first contraction. I immediately scooped her up and took her to her nest, there was no way she was having her babies on my bed! Well, she wouldn't let me leave her side. I got up once (only once) to get something out of my bedroom and she came running after me hissing at my feet as if to say "how dare you leave me in my time of need!!"

*It's funny because I've read quite a few birthstories that said the Queen's wanted you with them, but didn't really know what that was like until last night. It's amazing how trusting they can be.*

So, I was with her when she had her first baby right before midnight. She scared me because at first I thought she was going to eat that little one. She was frantically licking it and hissing at it. Then I heard the first meow and that was music to my ears. I had to help this little gray and white fellow latch on but she/he did fine after that and Butterball didn't have her second kitty until about an hour later. I tell ya, it took about a half hour before the afterbirth came out and she knew just what to do, but I wasn't about to stay and watch her do her motherly duty with it so I went to my room for a few minutes. LOL The second baby was also a gray and white kitty and the third came almost immediately after and was a black and white one. Well, it was 1.5 hours and nothing more had happened so I thought she was done. Silly me couldn't get to sleep worrying though if she had another and I wasn't there if something went wrong so I got up at about 4:00 a.m. and found she had one more baby for a total of 4! The last baby looks identical to Butterball, mostly black with white on it's tummy and paws. They are all doing great this morning, eating just fine and they are all about the same size (no runt in the bunch unless you call all of these tiny things runts). As for me, I'm so tired! I didn't get to sleep until about 5:00 a.m. and was up at 7:00. I have taken pics already but won't be able to post them until Monday when I get back to work.

Thanks for letting me share her birth story!!
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Congratutulations!! Glad all went well! Cant wait to see pics!
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Congrats to you and Butterball! I'm glad the birth went ok and that mama and babies are doing ok. Can't wait to see pictures of the little darlings
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oooo I think I missed this - well many congratulations to sweet Butterball and you all great news that all went well

Keep us posted on progress and photos of course
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congrats , i did see this post last night but i was so ill i went straight to bed. im glad that everything went great and mum and babys are doing well.
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congratulatins, and i can't wait to see pics! is that a grand total of three litters this weekend? wow.
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