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Cat throwing up for NO ovious reason

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Its mysterious, yesterday (Tom is the cat involved) he was fine yesterday and I was only giving the new raw food, cut opened Mice to Bindi, he was the only one eating the mice as far as I know Tom didnt touch them. Toms old food is Innova Evo. This morning just now my dad awoke me to Toms throw up, his done it in sx or seven places, two of which i've seen, Is Innova Evo/Innova in the recall? I've heard rumors it might be, Is this true? The only thing I could have supected is maybe the Green cow tripe I used to entice Bindi is recalled,. But if that was the case then Bindi would be the one throwing up. Its so confusing.

I need phone numbers to the closest, least costly vet in my area, I currently live in Sanit paul MN
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What about your reg vet?? Most have ER numbers on their recordings...

Too my current knowledge neither are recalled.... the tripe may be the culprit.. other than tripe what is in it?? ..
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I gave Bindi with raw mouse - Green cow tripe, beef broth,potato,potassium chloride,dicalcium phosphate,garlic, choline chloride,DL-methionine,A-Tocopherol, vitamen E, zinic ammo acid, inron ammou acid complex, copper amino acid complex, maganease aminio acid complex , calcium pnttothenate, vitamen A, among others, too tired to write it all. Anyway due to the smell we are throwing it away so it will not be an issue ever again.
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You mean... you are feeding your cat plain old mice? Where did you get them from?

St Paul is a very large city, I don't think anyone can recommend you a vet there, but go TODAY. I'm sure your phone book has lots of er vets in it.
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Our reg vet we are switching over, they are very expensive, $300 for tooth cleaning, $200 for senior screen, I remember getting a vets number from this site could I get that same number now it would REALLY be helpful.
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Got the mice from Chuck and dons pet food outlet,( was trying tio give Bindi a natural diet, hes loving them and seems fine it tom our other cat that has me concerned. Tom didnt even touch the mice and hes the one throwing up it doesnt make any sense. Though I have supected he has had kiddey issues, due to age and that before I knew about cat nutrtion he was fed lower quality diets for many years. Can kiddey issues cause a cat to throw up, rich food ike Innvoa evo?.
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Many cats find EVO too rich... Likely he ate too much between the tripe , Evo and the mouse... But do look in the phone book for a ER vet
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Tom didnt eat any mice, only Bindi, no tripe either as far as I saw, thats what really confuses me. Anyway my old vet is booked from recall victims, I bet and my dad wants me to only go to the ER vet only if its gets really bad- you guessed it, money.

This such a bad weekend for this to happen , my dad recently broke up from a relationship, happened last night, and we need groceys because I was stuck indoors with nothing to do but eat or go read books and watch movies the weather here was bad all week, I had spring break.

Tom's cindiction seems stable but I worry.
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Your regular vet's prices don't sound unreasonable (you mentioned dental cleaning, and senior screening).

I second the advice other members have given you. Take Tom to the vet.
Call your current vet and explain what's going on. Since you are still technically a client, and this could be an emergency, I would think they would do their best to accommodate you. If they can't, ask them for a referral to a good emergency vet.

We all know how expensive vet care can be, but please resist the temptation to go with a vet simply because he/she may be less expensive. What you want is a *competent* vet. A vet who is inexpensive but isn't competent will only cost you more money in the long run and more important, can cost your cat his health or his life.

Please call your vet ASAP.
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I'm not speaking from any experience or expertise at all, but... I just don't understand the desire to feed a cat mice. I know cats in the wild will eat rodents -- and snakes, and insects, and just about anything else they can catch -- but that doesn't mean it's the best thing for them. A mouse has got to be difficult to eat, due to the bones... and risky, too, due to the presence of the mouse's last meal, which could include heaven knows what.

I certainly share in the fear we're all facing with this recall -- but I just can't imagine that mice are a healthy alternative. Maybe Tom is throwing up as a way of saying, "Yecch! Get that thing outta here!"
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I think there is some misunderstanding. Tom, the cat who is ill, did not eat the mouse or the tripe. Tom eats Innova Evo/Innova. I believe what Panther Pride is saying is that if anyone was going to be ill, it would be Bindi, who does eat the natural foods (mouse & tripe), unless Tom accidentaly ate a bit of the tripe.

Panther Pride, out here in Portland Oregon we have an affordable pet clinic called Companion Pet. They have discount vaccinations on Mondays and discount teeth cleaning on Wednesdays ($85 cats, $100 dogs).

I use them because no matter how much I love my cats, I cannot afford the really high prices charged by the more expensive vets. I already live as cheaply as possible. I know what you mean about the money aspect, especially if your father is paying - not much you can do there.

Perhaps you could call an emergency vet and/or cat shelters or humane society there in St Paul to see if they can recommend a low-cost vet? We also have an organization here called Animal Aid who does occasionally do short term emergency loans for vet care. I have never used that, just heard about it.

St Paul, being a larger city, has to have some of these resources. With the recall and all the sick animals, I would think your regular vet would make room for you if you asked.

Please let us know how it works out. Not sure if Evo/Innova have been recalled. I know there is a thread here about what has been and has not been.

Wishing Tom all the best! Let us know what happens.
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Also, I found this:

University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine, 1365 Gortner Ave., St. Paul, MN. 55108 Small Animal Clinic (612) 625-1919. Large Animal Clinic (612) 625-6700

Maybe they could help or point you in the right direction?
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We took him to the vet yesterday and he was fine, they did supect he had a blockage he was try to pass though, but nothing showed up, for his age Tom is very healthy the vet was surprized in fact, I think this has to do with the fact of his good diet. Kiddeys were normal, liver and degestation, normal, he has also lost weight 21lbs to 19lbs, which means the diet grand ave vet told me to follow is working, we feed the same food just smaller amounts.
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i am glad to hear that.
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Originally Posted by Panther pride View Post
We took him to the vet yesterday and he was fine,
This is wonderful! So glad he is okay
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