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What do your cat(s) say about YOU!?

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O, no, here she comes with another new food for us to try, what does she think we are, ginny pigs?

Quick, lets hide, here she comes ready to give us a bath.

Well, since she is sleeping in this morning, I will put my paws under the door and shake it and wake up the whole house, doesn't she know that we eat breakfast EXACTLY at 7a.m.-no later than 8a.m.

She went shopping, did she buy us a new toy or did she only think of herself and buy just the necessities.

Good, she is lavishing her kisses on the dog and birds and not us, what a relief.

Finally, she is cleaning the kitchen floor, well it's about time, she knows how we like a sparkling floor, why doesn't she do it more often-she better get off that computer and start doing her job.

Why does she have to hunt us down while we are sleeping and bother us-go bother the dog and birds please, let us sleep in peace.

Where is the ice in the water? You know we like ice, stop being lazy.

Good, she is ready to go out shopping, we will be in peace for a couple of hours.

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Oh, she just put on her good black dress pants. She needs some cat hair.

Mommy looks so tired after work. I think she needs a butt in her face so she can't see the tv. And claws in the thigh will make her feel so loved! She needs a good leg massage.

You haven't cleaned the litter box in the past 2 hours so I'm going to poop on the bathroom rug! (when I find out who is doing this he/she will be in SO much trouble!)
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She just thinks that she is going to have dinner..alone..

Let's see if we can make her move over in bed to give us more room..

Ok, she is out the door, now it is time to "Party". Grab anything you can and shred it..and the curtains are just an added bonus..
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Great thread! You know they are thinking exactly that, lol.
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Why does she even try to speak our language? She doesn't understand the proper grammar of Meow and is just speaking gibberish.
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There he is sitting in front of that..that...THING..again. He's there all the time, and I want to play! I know he'll play with me alot today, but I want to play NOW and when *I* want and no other time!

...I think I'm going to going to set off a gas bomb in the bathroom and go knock stuff off the fridge...
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Mostly Cesar..."Ma...I want more wet food!" "Ma, why do you pick my up & bring me to the other room when I'm trying to stalk Nuit & Jenny?"
Bentley "She'll never let me get as fat as I want, all I want to do is eat!, but she's a good snuggler when it's cold"
Nuit... "She just doesn't get it, it's on my own means no!"
Jenny" Ma likes to protect me from Cesar!"
Zoey "Mom's great she's the best, she even cleans my eyes out!)
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Both: "Oh no! Run! Meowmy's coming with the flea medicine!" " We don't understand why Meowmy wants to go off and leave us, we're so cute!" Gracie: "Meowmy, there's a stranger in the house! Don't let the stranger get me!" Casey: "Meowmy, why can't I run around outside and get in trouble? Shawn, Billie, Princess and Hootie (neighbor's cats) do!"
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Clyde in the daytime: Uhoh. I know that look. She's overcome with affection and wants to -- NO! Absolutely not! Put me down! Oh sure, I know, back when I was just a kitten in the shelter, I used to let you hold me like a baby and sing to me, but -- hello? I was trying to get adopted! Do you think I would have put up with such nonsense otherwise? Hmph!

Clyde at night: Aww, she looks so peaceful when she's asleep. Here Mom, have a nosekiss. I know you love 'em. Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Pearl in the daytime: Look! Look, Mom! It's STRRRIIIINNNNNG! And it's PIIIIINNNNNNK! Don't you want to dangle it for me dontcha dontcha dontcha pleeeeeeeeeease Mom?

Pearl at night: Hi, Mom. Mind if I just settle in here on your chest and lick your face awhile? And if I purr and tilt my head sideways, will you scritch my cheeks for me? See, that's how this grooming thing is done. No offense, but your mama didn't teach you very well. But that's okay, I'll catch you up on the technique. No sleeping in class, though! Hey! Wake up, Mom! Hmm. Maybe if I clamp my claws around her nose, she'll notice me...
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Theodore: Your toes look stupid when you sleep, I think I will scratch them.

Boris: Breaking things is just my way of showing that I love you. Chill out and get over it, mum. You're so intense.

Tinkerbelle: When are you upgrading me to the executive suite, mother dearest? Do I have to continue to share a cat tree with these peasants? Room service please! You are a good maid mother extra kiss on the nose for you.

Amelia: When I get older, I want to have a tummy as big as yours mum. Can I have the rest of that steak if your not having it?

Olivia: You give me food. I give you cat fur. Deal? Ps - instead of cat collars, try investing something called T-U-N-A.

Funny thread!
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Mittens: Why did you have to bring in a stray, you know I AM the queen of the castle, I will make life misrable for her and you.

Cassy: Why did you take me in to live with that witch of a cat of yours. Well, at least I get plenty of love and food. So, I won't complain too much, hey it's better than being outside without claws and starving to death or getting eaten by bears or fox or dogs.

Mittens: I know you have a big heart, but, your heart was meant for ME only, not her. You better pay more attention to me and you better start ignoring her, and STOP picking her up and kissing her, you are getting her scent all over you.

Cassy: After a year with your witchy cat, I think maybe she is starting to like me a little bit-at least she is not growling at me or hissing at every chance she gets-and she comes downstairs to use my litter box (even though she has her OWN)-is this a sign that she finally likes me?
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Right now Zissou is saying: Can we take a nap now mommie?

Half the time I think she is saying: What are you doing? And why aren't we going outside?
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Jasmine: "Stupid, stupid bi-peds! It's so hard to get good help nowadays!"
Loki: "WEEEEEE! Cellophane!!! WEEEEE! Dad's bare feet!!!! "WEEEE! Mom's breakfast!!!
Willi: "Mommy, will you pet me? Do you still love me? Please???"
Smudge: "MY woman! She's mine! Paws off! I'm the King!"
Marge: "(Woody Woodpecker noise here)!" "I'll whoop Willi's butt! "Look, Mommy's bra hanging from the doorknob; playtime!"
Little Miss: "I do whatever my brothers tell me is ok--but why am I the only one eating the cake Mommy just baked, and left on the counter, and why is she yelling at me? They told me it was ok!!!!"
BJ: "Hug, Mommy, please??? I LOVE you!!! Oh, and by the way, about that yellow puddle on your evening gown--it wasn't me!"
Nixie: "Oh my God, it's one of the humans!!! Run!!! They're EVIL!!!" (Until it's "Can opener time.")
Hobbes: "I'm Hobbes, please don't hurt me! Hobbes needs loving; look , Mommy just sat down--time to make her love me." "Damned kids! I'm so glad they neutered me!" (The younger cats try to play with Hobbes; he hates it, and just wants to sleep.)

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Merlin:zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzz im hungry zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Salem: If i talk loud enough she will get up and feed me..even though its only 3 AM!

Ailey: here meowmy have some kisses. and will you pick me up and take me over and hold me while we sit in grannies rocking chair and watch the fishes
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Give me treeeeeats!

Let me oooooouuuutttt!

Fuss me please!


Move over humans, this is my bed, you are lucky I let you share it!
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