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A White Easter!

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Its snowing!!!!!!!!

We actually have about a half inch on the ground and it is still snowing! This is the first and only snow we have had here in Richmond this year so I'm excited

Its all going to melt I'm sure, but its better than nothing, lol.
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Yea for your first snow..but it would have been better to have it at Christmas than Easter IMO.
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Yup, snowing here too!
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Well its a good thing I was up early today or I would have missed it!

The snow has stopped and what little was on the ground and cars is already melting
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It is snowing (just flurries) now here in Dallas..this is just unheard of here..It rarely snows in the middle of winter, but to see it now is just unreal..
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Global warming, bah!
No snow here today, but the birdbath is frozen.
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Snowing here too!
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Her in NJ we are expecting some snow showers later this afternoon. It's crazy isn't it
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Well all the snow is officially melted and gone, lol.

maybe next year...
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No snow here but colder then you know what.
I hate this, I thought we'd be into a nice warm spring by now. YUCK! Poor Easter Bunny will be freezing his tail off at this rate.
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Thank goodness ours didnt stay around long But its still way too cold!! No way to have a easter egg hunt in this cold weather!! *shivering*
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We had something looked like a blizzard about an hour ago. Insane.

It's all melted now, but it stuck for a few minutes.

We've had plenty of snow, thank you very much, and there is nothing fun about having it AFTER spring break! I went from having the a/c on to turning the heat back on in one day!
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