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Hi, I'm new

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Hi everybody, what a great site! My name is Tamme and I have two Tabby cats. The dark one is Tigger and she's 8 or 9. My husband found her in a box on the side of the road one day when she was a baby. So we're not exactly sure how old she is. She's very intelligent and very picky about when and where she wants to be cuddled. Like when I'm trying to type! My other cat, the orange one, is named Roo. He just turned two and we got him from the S.P.C.A. He's quite fat but he's coming down, I think He's my cuddle bug and snores and whistles when he sleeps, which is mostly on his back. I would attach a picture, but can't find any small enough, sorry
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Hi Tamme, and welcome to the Site! I hope you find it informative and will also post in the Lounge and get to know everyone.
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Great story about your kitty. Glad your husband was there at the right time to rescue them!

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Hello my fellow Canadian! Welcome to the site - we can always use more Canuck blood around here to liven things up.
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Hi Tamme - great to have you here!

Hope to see you jumping right on in there with the chat and banter that goes on here!
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G'day and welcome to the site
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Welcome to the site! (a little late, but better late than never, right?)
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Thanks so much for all your responses. You're all so kind. Thanks for all your advice and being so honest and helpful, what a site! Tamme
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