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~OMG NoNo is having babies RIGHT NOW~

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~She ate fine all day today, played real rough with oreo earlier and I was asleep on the couch and heard BABIES! She has had 2 so far OMG Im soo freaked I didnt think she would have them this soon! She had them INSIDE the house on the CAT TREE!~
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Thats great!

Hope everything goes well with the birth!
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wow excellent! hope all goes smooth for the rest of the birth! keep us updated!
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ooo - lots of healthy birthing ((((( vibes ))))) coming your way - hope all goes well - keep us posted
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That is awesome. i hope everything works out.
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Congrats, is there anymore or any update I cant believe i missed this thread

But here is some healthy baby vibes and healthy birhting vibes coming u and no no's way

P.S. we cant wait to see pics
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~Okay whew I did not think she would have them for another week at least. She was running and jumping and VERY active today. No nesting, no lack of eating etc. She was just SUPER today. She climbed up in her cat tree like she does every night and I laid down on the couch and watch Meercat Manor. I thought it was on TV but then all of sudden it hit me...KITTEN SOUNDS not MEEREKAT!

She had already had 2 babies. I quickly got her out because the babies were dangerously close to the opening and would have feel out and down on the ground. I have her in a small dog crate with the babies now. She has 3 total and I believe she is done. No more panting, contractions etc. She was exausted and didnt break the bag on the last baby so I had to. She didnt chew off any of the umbilical cords so I tied and cut them. She has a grey striped & white feet with blaze one, a black striped with white feet one, and an orange tabby one. They look SO different from each other. here is pics. I have ALOT of pics but some are quite graphic not sure we are allowed to post actual BIRTHING pictures. The little grey one has the same marking on forehead as mom.

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Beautiful babies, Congrats
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~Im just so darn excited! I am susposed to leave tomorrow morning at 6 am to go out of state for the weekend to take my kids to visit family for Easter. I had no clue she would have them this soon. She wasnt that big so I knew she wouldnt have many but I had no clue they were already on their WAY! haha. They look SO different from each other. The little orange striped baby is the CHUNKY one. Much larger than the other 2. The second that came was grey striped baby with white V on forehead like mom. Last one i got pics of actually being born.

Thought it was black at first but as I dryed it off it is striped too. The grey and the black striped both have 4 perfect white feet. The orange is SOLID orange. You cant tell sex this early can you? I have 3 kids, they all got up to see the ruckas. They want to give them names in the next few days but I havent a clue if you can tell boy/girl this early. WHEW I cant sleep now thats for sure. Im so proud of my babygirl. Oreo was hanging out on top of the other cat tree just watching her have them haha. Ill take more pics later today~
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Aww cute She looks very happy with them.
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o my so cute and CONGRATS I am so happy everything went well and u better keep up with those photos
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very cute. they're absolutely adorable.
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Everyone is great. We have decided on names although not sure who is who yet. Since they were born during Meerkat Manor, one of my fav shows, their names will come from the show. Zaphod, Tosca, Youssarian and Lazuli are the main names we will chose from when we figure out what we have, boys/girls.
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Congratulations! They look lovely and chubby
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congrats they are cute little cerubs well except for the orange one, as you say its a little chunky one aww, sweet

Keep us posted with updates and photso of course

p.s great idea for names, I love meercat manor
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How cute! You do have about a 90% chance that the red one is a male. It's very hard to sex them until they are about 3 weeks old and even then it can be dicey.
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Congratz No no and Grandma I'm so happy for you.

keep pics comimg. after you get back....

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gorgeous pics!!! what adorable little fur babies!! congrats to NONO!
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ahhh they're so cute and they look so healthy.
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They are all beautiful So glad mom and babies are doing well. Keep us posted!
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That orange one is fat!! That's a good thing of course!! So cute.
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Don't worry, it's OK to post pics of kitten births. You could put in a warning if they're a bit gross, but most of us have seen it already and it doesn't really faze us.

Congrats on the healthy kits!!
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Is Momma cat a calico? That's the only way she can have that mix of kittens. She gives her color to all the kittens. If you know who the daddy cat is, you can probably guess the genders now. Red color is tied to the X chromosome.
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Congratz!1 they are very cute, i 'm glad all went well!!!!!
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yes you can tell atraight away what genders they are. 75% of orange cats are males only 25% are females so more then likly he is a he hehe. the other 2 could be either just have a quick look use the orange baby as guidence. i belive its the male who gives the colour to girl kittens?? if im wrong sorry.
they are lovely and congrats to No No and yourself.
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~Hello everyone. Just getting back and wanted to give everyone an update on my grandbabies. NoNo is doing great. Babies are lively as ever. I had to go out of town but I returned a day early because I was so worried about my babies. I had her downstairs in a crate but before I left I moved her into my huge closet in my bedroom and closed the bedroom door so she could move around a bit while I was gone. Abby and Oreo had to stay downstairs while I was gone. I came home and Abby and Oreo seemed a bit excited haha. I checked in on my little ones soon as I got in this morning and momma was in there nursing. Everyone seems to be doing puuurrrfect.~

~To bab-ish0niik, no mother is not a calico. She is half Siamese. She is solid white with grey tip ears and some light grey shading on her back. Im not sure what else she is mix with other than Siamese but her tail is grey striped. All 3 babies have the striping through their color. Im assuming they got that from mom. Havent a clue what color the daddy is as she was a stray from the neighborhood and we have alot of strays here.~

~As far as the little Orange I cant tell any difference in any of them right now. I have taken in 4 rescue cats before though and all 4 were orange females haha. I guess I got the 25% population lol. I know they were definate females because they were all 4 spayed. All of them were named Pumpkin (I didnt name them the rescues they came from named them) talk about confusion around my house when you called for ONE cat lol.~

~I just tried to take pics but my camera is dead Im putting it on charge now, laying down for a few minutes but I promise to take new pics soon as it is charged up. All is well though everyones good. Mommy has her FIGURE back now haha. Wish it was that easy for ME! Thanks for all the baby vibes. They worked~

~Kym, Abby, Oreo, Zuri, No No and the lil 1'z~
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~Before I put my camera on charge I found these 2 pics I took right before I left on my trip. They arent from today but you KNOW Ill get new pics later when it charges. Mom barely leaves the babies sides. She comes down stairs for some affection from the kids today but quickly returns upstairs to check on her lil ones. She doesnt even give them time to whimper or whine for her. She leaves for 5 minutes and returns to her babies. Such a GOOD mother especially since this is his her first time having babies. Im SOOO proud of my girl~
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Oh my, look at those babies!!! Congrats to you. So glad they are all doing so well
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