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Hello tonight

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How is everyone doing? For the most part it has been pretty good. When I got in from work I called Jesse and we talked for two hours again about everything as usuall. He told me he really wants to go out some time soon. He started getting sleepy so I finally let him go. He has to get up alot earlier than I do. I get butterflies in my stomach every time we talk and when I hang up I really want to talk to him again. Well I guess I am getting boring now talking about him so much.
There was other good thing about today since it was payday. And I still have most of my money.
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im glad u had a good night so far, mine well isnt that great it never is I ended up babysitting tonite, and I also have to babysit at 9 am tomarrow, and thats for a 2 hours, then again tomarrow night from 7 pm until about 11 pm! And these kids are a lil bad sometimes 2 and 3 is their ages, and just to much for me to handle and now its cold and we cant even go outside!
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Who is "Jesse"?

I'm tired but not tired enough to go to sleep yet. It's 2am and I'm working on some 3D Graphics for my website and browsing several website forums that I frequent.
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