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Election follies

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THIS is what the Libertarian Party is running, for State Senate, in my district. Her main issue is the total legalization of marijuana. Ms. Swanson admits that her main reason for running is as a civics lesson, for her home-schooled daughter.

A direct quote: "Once my name becomes synonymous with that leaf, I don't have a chance of losing." All of her campaign signs feature a marijuana leaf. Personally, I think that she's been smoking it, for too long.

Trust me, we're not ALL nuts, down here.
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WOW I'm kinds speechless... WOW... I guess it takes all kinds!
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Um,and why is she in a bikini?? Really, its quite pathetic
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Now if that isn't a good reason to wear a full piece with long line legs, I don't know what is!
Diann in Australia
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This woman is a total nutcase. That's a Celtic rune stick, that she's holding. (At least, that's what she claims). The only issue that she wants to discuss, at any length, is the marijuana thing. A textbook illustration of "this is your brain on drugs".
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Lol it's probably two broom handles strung together with string. Shame it's not snowing, she wouldn't wear a bikini then :o
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Don't get much snow, down this way. Even if we did - smoke enough of "that leaf" and you won't care.

She's setting a wonderful example for her daughter. The kid is, probably, so embarrassed that she'll turn out to be a VERY conservative Republican!
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I'm really missing the meaning behind her poster. I guess that one went over my head. The Libertarian party also has a calander out now of Libertarian women posing in bikinis. I can't say, being a Libertarian myself that this is their best idea but I see the angle they are taking. It's certainly a way to catch a few eyes and spread the word about Libertarianism.

Call it sexist but it's no worse than what some of our other leaders have done.
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There's a meaning behind the poster? Nah, if there is she's lost alot of votes
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and I thought having a wrestler for governor was bad!

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Gee, I guess Georgia is out of the running for having the goofiest candidate in history. Does anyone else remember when Lester Maddox rode his bicycle backward across the state and handed out pickhandles with his name burnt in to them? He actually got elected. It was back in the 60s. At least he wore a suit and tie when he did it!
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My husband's a Libertarian, and I probably am more so than I want to admit. This is rediculous, though, but really no more so than a Democrat running on the Pro-Choice movement or a Republican running on Pro-Gun. It is foolish to vote for someone based solely on one issue, although it happens a lot. It's really too bad this woman doesn't have the brains to talk about some of the other issues where the Libertarians actually make a lot of sense.
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