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Ok so I have to babysit tomarrow, so I am at my brothers house now I miss my kitties already I have been here for a little bit, and well tomarrow I only have 2 kids which is still hard because it is the 2 year old and 3 year old but they are my little brats, and hopefully we can watch Happy feet, or well my niece loves charmed, and or the Little Mermaid But when I came in my brothers house, the dogs jumped all over me, and the cats all met me in the dining room and started meowing to say hello i was like awe! They all love it when I come because that means they get extra love and attention ALL NIGHT and the laser, I brought the laser over and everyone including the puppy who has gotten so big all fought over it! it was pretty funny max the elder here was running around liek crazy my brother was cracking up So now I am sitting here, because they just left to go to walmart They also got new furniture and o my its HUGE but im gonna go now and lurke the forums so more, it was just such a nice welcome that I got from the kitties, of course i walked in and his wife was on the phone and didnt even say hi to me even when she got off the phone! But whatever u know !!!