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Upset, need cheering up.

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Sorry to vent on you guys, but I have a problem, and I need some cheering up. Mike lost his job last Friday. No biggie, we knew a few weeks ago that it would happen. He can get unemployment, he hated the job anyway (and so did I... 12 hr night shifts) so everything's going great, and at least I'm still working. Well, I get home from work, and pick up my cell phone to call my mom, and have a voicemail. It's my temp agency. I call them back, and find out that I've been removed from my assignment! They claim that I didn't have enough initiative in asking for more stuff to do, and that I was reading the documents I was shredding! I'm so upset and angry, as nobody even said anything to me! I didn't read any of their documents, as I was listening and concentrating on my audiobook! as for finding stuff to do, I thought I was doing good, they were exasperated with me at first because I'd finish too quickly and was bothering them. So I started finding other things that needed to be done, ie going back through files I couldn't find folders for, additional shredding, etc. I don't understand it at all. I walked out of the building with my supervisor and she didn't say anything about it, even when I said "see you Monday" I'm so upset, it was my first office job, and I absolutely loved it! Now I'm worried that I won't be able to get any more office work assignments. And because I was removed from the assignment, I don't think I can collect unemployment. I don't have a whole lot of self-confidence to begin with, especially about work. This is the second time I've lost a job just when I've begun to feel confident and comfortable with it. The first wasn't my fault, the company was cutting back staff. Now I'm paranoid, and afraid to look for work again. I really don't want to go back into customer service again, I enjoyed doing office work. I honestly thought I was doing a good job.

Sorry for the length, I just needed to vent.
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I'm sure that you are not the problem. A temp company that leaves a voicemail to tell you the assignment is over isn't very proffesional if you ask me!

You could go and ask your supervisor about what went wrong. Tell her you would like to use this as a learning experience and need some input. Don't take it personally just use it to yur benefit.

I'm sure you will find work soon! You are a good person and have an even better job just waiting for you! Everything happens for a reason so don't let it get you down! Good things are coming!
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People can be so short-sighted and one sided.

I agree with Teresa on all counts! I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, even if it does not appear to us at the moment. I also agree that you should speak to either the Temp Agency or the Supervisor. Or both. It may make them uncomfortable, but what have you got to loose? Maybe they didn't like that you were listening to an audio book while working?

We've been getting to know you here, and you are both a beautiful and wonderful person!

Is where you live large enough to have a different temp agency you can work with? (I didn't notice where you live - if you included it).

I'm so sorry this happened to you! It's so difficult to deal with these things when they happen, but so often we are later happy...

But we're here!
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I agree with Teresa as well, they were very unproffessional. I'll bet they just use that excuse to easily let people go because they won't fight it. But you could fight it, if you wanted to, but I wouldn't recommend it. I'd call the person in charge of hiring and firing and ask them what happened because perhaps there was some confusion. And if there is something else you can do in the company. Tell them you enjoyed their company and coming to work everyday and would really appreciate another chance to prove your a good worker. what do you have to lose? Not a job, that's for sure. And if it doesn't work out, there is always another job, just buck it up to experience and learn for next time. It's their loss right? Good luck!
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I agree with everyone else. It surely wont help to ask both sides why they ended the assignment. Maybe they will even re-consider? Temp agencies can be a pain in the @$$. Don't give up, though. You will find something. It also won't hurt to register at other agencies.
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I can't count the times I have been crushed emotionally because things didn't work out the right way--only to discover that "all things do work together for good." Have faith in yourself, try to learn from this experience, and, if you believe, pray. I believe you will be led to something much better than you ever expected. It might take time, but keep the faith. Life is like a jigsaw puzzle; it will all become clear as the puzzle comes together.
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Thank you for all your support. I don't have the phone number for my supervisor, all contact (late,sick etc) was done through the temp agency. I just remembered that I have the e-mail of someone I worked with, though. I'm going to e-mail her on Monday, see if she can find anything out. I am definately going to register at some other temp agencies, there's tons around here. I am tired of temping, but I need the experience, as I figure I need at least 6 months of general office exp. to get anything permanent, and all my background is call center/technical.
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Temping can be difficult - bouncing around, not being wanted, being needed/not being needed. But it is a great way to get the experience in an office. And every once in a while, that temp job becomes permanent.

Don't forget - you can always use the on-line yellow pages (or the actual white pages!) - or even (area code)-555-1212 to get the phone number of the company for which you worked. And since you know the name of your supervisor, then just ask for her!

The only advice I would give, if you decide to call, is to begin with letting her know that you didn't want to make her uncomfortable but that you are new to office work, wanted to be able to learn from the experience, and was hoping she didn't mind spending a minute with you reviewing your work to enable you to learn what you did right and what you did "wrong."

This way it isn't confrontational with her or defensive on your part, yet it allows her to communicate information with you that you want - and it potentially opens the door for her to reconsider her opinion of you.

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I agree! I would call the supervisor and ask her nicely if she would tell you what you did wrong. Just explain that you need to learn from this experience, and are not calling her because you are angry, but just want to know what the problem was, because you thought you were doing a good job!!!
That really stinks that they did this to you!!! Don't blame yourself, though....I am sure you were doing a great job..there has to be some other reason. Keep us posted on what you find out!!!!
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Thanks. I'll try to find the number, maybe through my friend that works there. But I need to calm down before I talk to her, that's why I prefer e-mail. I lose my temper very easily.
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I agree also, if you feel that speaking (or emailing) with the supervisor will make you feel better, then do it when you are ready to do so. Sometimes being reactionary may not be in the best interest to you. I'd confront the situation once you feel like you have calmed down enough and are not an emotional wreck. Especially if you have a bad temper. I guess it all depends if you really feel that this job was suited for you or not. I'm thinking everything happens for a reason and there is probably something bigger and better out there for you. Don't let this get you down. I'd put my name in at a couple of agencies and move on. Agencies tend to be funny. They expect the temporary help to just fit right in as soon as they start. Most people just don't give the person time to adapt to something new. It took me at least one year to completely feel in control and comfortable with my job. I do agree with one thing though. Companies love someone who comes in and keeps asking questions and shows interest in wanting to learn more and do more. Never be satisfied with what is given to you. Always ask if there is anything else that you can do other than what is given to you. They love this.

On a personal level, I was with an agency when I got this job. I was asked to replace the receptionist for 2 weeks. I never left. In those 2 weeks I continuously asked for things to do and was never satisfied with what was given to me. I always wanted to learn more, to find out about the company and what they do. I spent 2 weeks making a pest of myself with the "Who, what, where, and why" questions. Now, this may not always work. I think you need to feel like you belong. I walked through the doors on my first day and knew that I'd be working there for a long time. I think this will happen for you also, you just haven't come across the perfect job for you. Hang in there. Don't give up and more importantly, pick yourself up and get back into the work force. Don't let this put you in a downer.

Good luck! (((Hug)))
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One more thing to think about. I'm not sure how it works for you but, I know for myself, I had to sign a contract that stipulated that I would not contact the work place on my own. (I know you mentioned the sick days etc...but you did not mention terminations so I don't know if you have a clause for this) All correspondance had to be made through the agency. By contacting the supervisor directly, it may put you in jeopardy for future jobs. The agency will take this as a breach of contract or will regard this as you not being able to follow direction/instructions. Maybe you should contact the person who placed you there, tell her how you feel and that you disagree with the message she left you and ask her to investigate the matter for you. Explain your side. By doing this, you are showing your temp. agency that you will not just sit back and let them say this about you. You are showing them that you care about your reputation and at the same time, you are respecting the way they manage their business. It's like the chain of command. First you report to your immediate supervisor (your agency) and then, if nothing is done, take the matter into your own hands and go higher.(the place of business) At least you'll know you did everything according to the contract (I'm guessing there is one)

Just food for thought.
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I have used temp agencies to fill in the gaps between my different jobs. The first thing you have to learn is that temp agencies will look out for themselves before looking out for you.

So now you find that you have been let go from this assignment. Please *really* think it over before calling the supervisor of that job. What I have understood is that ALL contact is through your agency, and your "boss" is the consultant from that temp agency.

I agree with Whisker's mom. I would contact the temp agency consultant and make your case known for your file. Remember, the *client* is the paying force behind your paycheck. You could do everything 100% correctly, but the client could be fickle and not like your haircolour! You, as a temp are a changeable item. When the client isn't happy, the temp agency replaces the temp.

Sign up (if possible) with more than one temp agencies. Educate yourself on as many software packages as possible, since this will get you a higher wage. But remember that in the world of temp agencies, unfortunately the client's needs come before your own. That is why your number one priority is to look out for yourself, educate yourself, and give your comments on the situation for your agency file. Skip the supervisor, call your agency contact. You don't want to make yourself blacklisted so early in the game.

I've been in your shoes before Myste. Don't base your worth or self confidence on this incident. Say your peace for the record, and move on.

Good luck!

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I'm going to the agency Monday anyway, to turn in my badge. This isn't the first time the agency has jerked me around, and I don't like it. I tried to ask the gal I talked to there what was going on, why I wasn't given a chance to defend myself. She said that The Client had requested the removal and they NEVER question The Client. They're nothing but a job mill, I guess. They could care less whether I work for that client or someone else, as long as they get paid. I'm going to tell them that I will not accept any positions from them unless it's $12/hr or better. That should keep me from getting any jobs from them again, without "quitting". It's not losing the job that upset me so much as the fact that I don't believe I did anything wrong and that I had no chance to defend myself if someone thought I was. I'm afraid that this will prevent me from getting unemployment, and we can't afford for me not to have a job/not get unemployment. There are a lot of temp agencies out here, and I'm going to be applying for a lot of them. The agency I work for also tried to claim that I had quit last time, and appealed my decision to get unemployment, and I had to fight with the employment department (this was even after I started this new assignment with them) to keep my money. They appealed it 3 months *after* I had already gone through a fight with the employment department about it. Sometimes it seems like I always have to fight for every little scrap. Grrr. I'm probably not going to talk to the supervisor, I'm probably going to just send an e-mail to the gal I know there with a goodbye e-mail.
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I would definitely go with a new agency then; especially with the way they have treated you now & in the past. You don't deserve that. I remember a few months ago, I had an interview at a home builder thru a temp agecny, and I had my alarm set to go off at a certain time. Well, it turns out I had set it for PM not AM, because it was a new one. Anyways, I explained it to the girl @ the agency that there was no way I could make it in time. She got kind of snotty with me & said because of that, they could no longer be my employer. I figured oh well ....... IF they were going to be that way, then I was not going to be a part of them. The one I am at now, is pretty nice. Email me if you are interested for the name or PM me ......... Maybe they are in your state too!
post #16 of 21 has pretty much all been said already, and you seem to have already made your decision. The only thing I will add is to put your resume in with multiple agencies. Let them find you jobs and YOU pick the one that suits you best. Keep in mind that these people make money off of they need you as much as you need them. Best of luck and please keep us posted.

XOXO from Jedi!
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Myste! Don't get discouraged about the unemployment benefits. I work for the Canadian version of Employment Insurance and your system is similar to ours (but not as good - we get more). The important thing to remember is to apply and that there can never be too much information that you can give them. Before you go in type up a letter to them with your name and social security number on it. Explain in detail the work conditions, what you did there, the efforts you made to get additional work from them at the beginning. Explain how you heard about the position being terminated and the reasons you were given. Explain why you feel those reasons were unjustified. It is very important that you keep the letter professional. I hope that this helps you!
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Temp agencies are a blessing and a curse. Definitely don't get too down about this, and if you don't like the agency then go with someone else or multiple agencies. I had a situation similar to yours when I started working office jobs. I left the office (luckily bringing my coffee cup with me that night) and when I got home the temp agency called and said I wasn't needed there anymore. I was devastated at first, but got another assignment the next week, that turned out to be permanent. You have to remember that those agencies are out only for themselves. Period. You have to take care of you, and if that means going elsewhere, then do it.
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I just have to figure out a way NOT to get any more assignments from them. Now that I've taken the office work test (to get the last position) I'm in danger of getting more work from them. I'm hoping to avoid that by raising my asking price. I have to refuse work from them somehow without actually quitting, as that will disqualify me from UI benefits.
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Hey I've got an idea ! Have you tried to look for a job on line? or Job Search or any of those type of sites? You can find a great job! The company I work for does internet recruiting. Why temp? Those people suck ! Keep your chin up! It's not the end of the world because someone is waiting out there for you and they needs your help!
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Thank you! Actually I'm already searching online. The nice thing about temp work is that you can get experience in fields you haven't worked in before. I've primarily done computer repair and customer service, but through the temp place, I've now got experience in office work, and discovered I like it!
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