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Kitty and Me

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I know we've had threads like this before, but I think it's been a while, and I just got one taken of Mojo snuggling on me.

I would love to see pics of you with your kitty(ies).

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Aw, that's precious. I love seeing happy kitties. Don't you just wish we could make every kitty in the world as happy as our babies are?
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nice pic mojo sure does look happy
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That's one happy cat you've got snuggling with you

Here's me and Nikita, looking out the window

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that is sooo cute with little paws up in the air, y can't my guys be like that (as I hear them hissing in the background!)
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I love snuggling kitties! Lets see some more
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aww!! what a lovely thread, i'll have to find some piccies!
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Great pics - how cute is Mojo??!?!!

Here's Stumpy looking very bored with cuddling me

Lily wishing she was elsewhere

And baby smudge right where she loved to be when she was tiny

And looking all small and fuzzy!

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^^ lily is a lovely colour!!!
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Here's some!
Me with Heidi

Buddy LOVES to knead at my neck as u can see. Ignore how UGLY I look- didn't have any make up on AND was wearing some old "bum" clothes.

Spike for some reason likes to eat fur off the comb so I have to remove the fur from the comb immediately. In this picutre- I was trying to keep the comb away from him while he was trying to pull it down toward him with his paws!

Zebra also loves to knead at my neck.

I couldn't find any picture with pepper that'd show my face. This is the closest I could find... Next to Zebra and my arm!

Spike also likes to give me kisses with his nose...
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Great idea, Heidi -- sweet pic, too. Mojo's a little doll.

Love all the cuddle pics.

Here are a couple of Cindy and Mum...

The cuddle pics of Suzy and Fawn are with Daddy. They are his girls.
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This one was taken when Eb was still a kitten like 2 years ago but its the only one of her and I:

And here's Brendan this year opening Christmas gift with Ebony:
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I thought I would post one of us when we were both much younger. *sigh*

and a few recent ones of me and my love today...

I look forward to seeing more of you with your babies!
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These are from Halloween, but they're the last pics I have of me & the fur balls.....

Me & my "Pussycat Doll" LuckyGirl.....

Me & my main man, Louie D-Boy.......
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Awww.... everyone looks so sweet with their fur babies!!
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isalee and lu7cky girl what adorable photos!!!

Here is one with lily then one of alfie the 1st one turned out really bad

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Its not the best but here it is anyway

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How content does that kitty look to be with mommy! I love that photo!
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I think this should be at the top of the forum all the time and take more pic of us and our kitties.

So what does everyone think about that?
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It's great to see some updated pics of everyone with their babies. Everyone's kitties look so content

Here is a pic of Reilly & Sydney arguing over who is going to help mom study

Reilly & I
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There are some lovely pics here - lots of very contented kits and furparents!!!

This is my fave of me and my much missed Paddy - he never could manage to get close enough - if he was able to knock off my glasses and actually get a foot into my ear/nose/mouth, he was pretty much near enough............

I spent many an evening watching 'cat' instead of watching TV!!!!
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These pictures are so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh mum don't!!!!

Mwaaah!, i love you mum

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Originally Posted by troublesome2 View Post
isalee and lu7cky girl what adorable photos!!!
Thanks for the compliment!!!
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Awww these are such great pics!
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Great pics of all of you and your babies.....here are some of me with my crew.

Petals after bringing her home from the overnight stay at the vets for her severe case of kitty acne.

my hair was lighter here

Baby petals

Tiggy and I

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i only have this one, of me & Chip...

& this one of Pixel sitting on my head. it's hard taking pix of yourself!

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Great pics of everybody and their babies. I don't have any with me and mine because, with the exception of Gracie, they're too shy to let me hold them while someone else takes the pic. Here's me with my former foster boy, Gus, when I went to visit him in Feb.

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Dr Claw and I... ignore the PJs and the annoyed look on his face.

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