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lump (with pix)

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There's a stray that we feed, and she hangs around here a lot.
She has a small lump on her outer ear the past few months, and I guess I want to know if it's (hopefully) benign or a big problem.

I can't reall afford a vet unless really needed.

Here's a few pictures to get an idea of what she has:


Accidental cat owner,
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Huh. Looks like some kind of fluid filled cyst to me, but I'm sure someone else knows better than I do . Poor baby.
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I had the same first thoughts as catsallover. It looks like a cyst to me too.

sebacious cysts can keep growing and usually need to be lanced because they can become infected. My thoughts are a vet visit now is going to be less expensive then waiting and having that grow larger.

I get the feeling this little girl has stolen your heart and you won't be able to not take her to the vet if it keeps growing.

Thank you for looking after her
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Hi (haven't posted here for a very long time). That looks very much like a lump one of my cats, Little Girl, had right between her ears about 3 weeks ago. Both the vet and I thought it was a cyst as it looked just like one Little Girl had one removed from her back several years ago. When the vet removed it she said she was surprised to find that it wasn't a cyst but a mast cell tumor. Sounds scarier than it actually is. If a dog has this type of tumor it is very serious but not so much in a cat. There is a chance of it recurring and a very small chance of it being life threatening. My Little Girl is just fine and we will just keep checking her to see if she gets any more. Whatever it is I would probably have a vet check it out.
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