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Mean Puppies!!

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I'm tellin ya. These be some mean puppies. LOL We "tasted" our first kitty today. I guess Skittles tasted good because Jewel kept licking his back leg. Willy, on the other hand, tried to bite Skitz face. That didn't go over well. PorkChop slobbered all over him, though so I had a soggy Skitz running around. Now Jewel likes to growl and bark at you when you play with her. Something is wrong with her back legs. They cross alot and she stands at an angle. When she runs around playing, she falls/trips over her back legs. When I take them in next week for shots, I'm getting the vet to look at her. If she's going to have issues, she won't be put for adoption. I'll just keep her and take care of her.

Their personalities:

Willy - Loves giving kisses. He even knows what "kisses" mean and happily kisses me. He does get over happy and nips. I stop the kissing and move on to one of the other pups then come back to him. I've been nipped once in 3 days. A record for him. He also knows "come".

Jewel - She's our "go getter". She loves greeting people. She's the first one out the door to go outside. She loves everyone and everything. She doesn't know her name, though. (Willy and Porkchop have their down pat.) She loves my Mom. Everytime she sees Mom, Jewel runs over to her and wants kisses.

Porkchop - Loves to flop around. She's our horse. She thunders everywhere without a thought of anything in her path. She falls (or face-plants) and gets back and keeps coming. Knows what kisses are and is beside herself to give them to you. Knows "come" and took to paper training fairly fast. She's just now picking up outdoor potty. She's a tad hesitant with new things but seems to love Skitz. LOL

They are going to be 5 weeks old Saturday the 7th. I think they are growing up well.
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Good news and adoption vibes coming that way.
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Thanks! Finally got some pics up of them. Boy, they are growing like weeds. LOL
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Where aret the pics at? they sound very cute! what breed are they?
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Here you go, Keisha:


Pics I just took of them today. All 3 are Husky Mix.
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