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Toronto People: Help start a low cost spay/neuter clinic locally

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Today several of us went to the All About Pets Show in Toronto, one of the groups there are trying to start a low cost spay/neuter facility in Toronto.

They desperately need donations for the start up costs, PetSmart have agreed to give them $75,000 once they raise $50,000 and they need to raise a further $50,000 to cover all the costs.

They are also in need of volunteers to spread the word and help with transporting animals etc as well as other administrative work.

They will be part of the National Spay/Neuter Response Team which is mentoring several agencies / pet groups in setting up low cost spay neuter facilities.

If anyone is interested in helping, the information is at spaycentral or you can just shop at PetSmart and help them collect the charity money that will go to helping this and other charities.

If you do choose to donate they will issue tax receipts for any amount over $10 (and every $10 you give them gets them $25 when matched by PetSmart), if you donate online (though the canadahelps website) tax receipts are issued for any amount.
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This is such a wonderful cause My donation is on it's way!
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Spays and neuters will be $50 there which is a huge saving on local prices!
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All of us at the show were impressed with this and will be giving what we can and ask that any of you out there who can help, please do.
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I'm Fred&Nermal posing as F&N'sDad (my BF). I'm having a computer issue, and can't remember my password.....

Anyway, I'm totally interested in helping out. I didn't see this booth at the show. Probably was distracted by a big blue parrot or something.

I'm going to see if I can raise some money at work. I'll have to get some documents so it looks official (not just me asking for cash!). I may try to do a $10 draw. Everyone puts in $10 then I offer the winner of the draw 25% of the pot, then give the other to the cause. You have to offer a cash or prize incentive sometimes. Anyone who wants to donate more afterwards can. Let me think on this.
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Wireless issue is fixed for now.
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I didn't see the booth either, they were raffling off catopoly and a gift basket of a cat bed and other goodies and the woman grabbed me as I walked by.
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I was under the impression that the City of Toronto already offers low-cost spays and neuters (http://www.toronto.ca/animal_services/faq.htm). In fact, they operate 4 centers in the city.
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They also spay and neuter less than 20 animals a week for low cost spays (which admittedly is much better than none) and you have to prove that you are on social security or have a low income for other reasons.

The new one wants to be a permanent fixture doing 20ish speuters per day (which is lower than the average low cost spay/neuter clinic)

The 4 centres are not spay/neuter facilities, but places you can get information on vets in the area, talk to animal control etc as well as adoption centres, there is just one speuter facility on Eglinton.
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