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The new kittens + Fudge

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Hi guys!

Picked up the kittens today as planned.Check-up revealed all was well...frontline sprayed them and had them wormed.What can i say?they are gorgeous,longhaired fluff bears!!

Got them home and Fudge came to have a look at them.....and then started cleaning them!
They all climbed out of the box and got into the crate with Fudge's kitty's and she let them!!
Later on when we went back in she was nursing her own kittens AND one of the new ones.She has been a love,and so far all is well.
I have found new homes for all 4 when they are ready to leave.They are not as well socialised as our bombproof kittens,but they sure will be by the time they leave!!
Anyway just thought i'd update you all............and of course show the obligatory piccies!! What do you guys think?? Part siamese maybe??

chocolate/black and white boy

this is a chocolate boy

Chocolate/black and white girl

the all chocolate one(very shy) is the other girlie!

two girls and boy
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Oh My They are precious beyond words can you stand all that cuteness
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how adorable! they make me melt! gorgeous fluffy bundles of love!
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I know!!! They are gorgeous...can you believe someone wanted to drown these babies??
I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw them!!

On another note.....i found out this is the mom cats 4th litter Have told the hubby to ask if they want us to take her in least that way we can get her spayed and she can have a life of peace.
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OMG! they as precious as precious can be... I want them all..If only u lived in the states....
i am so happy you have them Now

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You'll have your hands full enough shortly Jenn!!!
Its quite amusing with 8 kittens charging around the place i'll be honest!!Fudge has no control anymore....she just miaows loudly trying to get them in order....but they pounce on her!!
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Awww It must be so nice to see!

I'd love to have that many babies running around
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they are adorable!!! so how many kitties do you have now?
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Fudge's mum are you fostering the mum cat and the kittens? If so, can I pm you about fostering?

I cant believe someone wanted to DROWN them. Thats brings a tear to my eye.
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Those are the cutest kittens I've seen in a while. They are so fluffy
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Minxie...fudge is my cat,and she has a litter of 4 ,2 tabbies and two chocolate/black/white tabbies.

The kittys on the pic in this thread belong(ed) to someone that worked with my hubby,who said he was planning on drowning them....or dumping them in a box in a wheelie bin.So we said we would take them in and try to rehome them.So here they are!!

The story is on the thread "lily".

Please feel free to pm me anytime we all here to help one another!
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well congrats on taking them in! they are adorable and I'm sure they will find good homes soon!
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Any news on Olivia yet? are we close to tiny feet?!
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After the labour scare the other day, she's been as quiet as a door no news yet!
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awe what cuties, and bless ur heart for taken in these babies People can be so cruel but they sure are some cuties!!!
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awww my what a bunch of cutie-pies I am so pleased you were able to take, them, bless you, especially with Fudge having her own as well, busy, busy at your house
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awww they are cute balls of fluff. But none are "chocolate" - they are all black or black/white.

The shading you see is just kitten coat or from being in the sun too much. When they get the adult coat in you will see
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Ew what a sicko. Your husband's coworker was just telling his colleagues about how he was planning on drowning some kittens? I bet he's just super popular.

I'm glad that there are people like you who take in animals when no one else will. It cheers me up.
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They are so adorable!

I can't believe the jerk was going to kill them! How wonderful that Fudge is taking them in with her own kittens to feed and care for. That is so great!

I hope you can get the mama cat away from them and get her spayed.
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they are so adorable. =)
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Siamese? They look more cobby to me, way more than Siamese... their noses are kind of short, too. Something Persian-ish in the ancestry, possibly? In any case, they're mostly DSH/DLH... and all cute!
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Yes forgive me i actuallly meant persian!! they have very flat faces!!
2 of them are definitely all brown too,one girl and one boy.
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how georgeous!!!
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