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Photo of hubby and I

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I know, I know...I'm a pest but, I just want to master the art of posting pictures. Hope this works.
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Woohoo!!! It worked again. Now if I could only figure out how to make my pictures clear. This one seems pretty fuzzy.
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Very nice pic of you & your hubby! As for making pictures clearer, do you have Adobe photoshop? You can make the imaged more sharper in that one ......... Or even Jasc
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Tigger. Thanks for the compliment! I don't have Adobe. I tried to see if I could download it and I couldn't see a free one. Right now, I'm using ULead Photo Express. It has a gazillion Options but I couldn't figure out which one would make it clearer. I think I need more practice! :LOL:
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IS there an option called "sharpen image" or something similar?
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Yep...just found the 'sharpen' one. I'll give it a shot next time. Thanks for your help!
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You're gettin' the hang of it Ghyslaine! And while the pic may be a bit fuzzy (all my first ones were - it was the camera resolution mostly), you guys look great! You're a good looking couple!!!! (And happy! )

Have fun!

Oh - BTW - how are you feeling these days?

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I looked at the pic again - it doesn't look that fuzzy to me! Mine were much worse until we got the new camera (this week...)
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Thanks Laurie!

I'm feeling better today. I'll know on wednesday how things are going. Hopefully my lungs are clearing up. It feels like they are. I don't seem to be catching my breath as much.

What kind of camera did you get? I'm hinting around that I'd like a digital one.

Right now, I am scanning pictures I have and when I attach them to the post, it changes the way it originally looked before I attached it.

If you want to PM me your email address, I can email you the original picture. I don't look as tired as on here! :LOL:
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I'd love to see - but you don't look tired here! I'll PM in a minute.

Glad to hear you're feeling better. But, you poor thing, it has taken a while. Hate to say "We told you so," - but we warned you!! I just hope you're back to your normal energy levels SOON!!!!!!

I recently started wheezing for some reason, and now I have to carry a puffer around. It really helps, I was amazed.

The camera. Gary is VERY knowledgeable about this stuff.

The most important consideration is what resolution (quality) pictures you want to be able to take. The higher the resolution, obviously, the higher the cost.

The lowest resolution that looks O.K. (ours were pretty fuzzy) is 1.3 megapixel. (This refers to how many dots of info in an inch). We just bought a 2.0 megapixel - and I'm very satisfied with the pics. We're only using it for on-line purposes. I know you're in Canada - we spent US$249 at Circuit City. We bought a Sony.

If you want to be able to blow-up your prints or print them out, you should consider a 3.0 mega pixel, although they're expensive!

The next thing to consider is the optics. If you want some zoom capability on the camera (2x - 3x is pretty standard), you should pay attention to whether it is an optic zoom (an actual lens like on a real camera) or a digial zoom (done by software). The optical zoom is more expensive, but will produce higher quality pictures all else being equal on the camera.

Everyone has their own opinion, but we believe:

- that Toshiba is the highest quality (but they're more expensive and only sell at the high end).

- that Nikon and Sony have comparable optic (lens) quality - Nikon might be a bit better. Cannon and Olympus are good, but all else equal, the Nikon or Sony will take better pics because of the lens quality. (But make sure you pay attention to whether the zoom is optic or digital when comparing price. Digital will be cheaper). Fuji is terrible.

- the Kodak cameras (here) are cheaper for the same megapixel - but that is because the optics aren't as good.

Last thing to consider is the memory. The cameras come equipped with different memory sticks. Standard are 8 or 16 megabyte sticks. Just keep that in mind when comparing prices - the exact same camera sold with an 8mb stick will be cheaper than the camera with a 16mb stick, so don't forget to take that into account. You can buy additional memory sticks - I think they go all the way up to 128mb.

On our camera (a Sony DSC-P51), at the highest resolution setting in "fine" mode, with a 16mb memory stick we can take 10 pictures before we have to download the pics off of the memory stick. With a 32mb memory stick we would be able to take 20 pics; at 64mb we could take 40, and at 128mb we could take - you guessed it - 80 pics.

We don't store the pics on the memory sticks, we download them and store them on the hard drive.

We don't use the digital camera in place of a film camera! At Holidays and stuff we want to make sure we have "forever," we use both!

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I've made the picture brighter for you with Paintshop which imo is just as good as Photoshop and not as expensive

Attached below
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what a happy couple!
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Thanks BuNN! What a difference in the lighting. I am going to practice a little on pictures I have scanned to see what works the best.

Thanks for the compliment airprincess! We are a happy couple. My hubby is actually one big goofball! We have had our moments in the past but spend much more time laughing together than anything else.

Laurie, thanks for all your advice. Thank Gary for me also! I will definately look innto this (of course, I will be carrying a printed copy of what you wrote because I will never remember this).

One last question (you may laugh.....) What is a memory stick?
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Well maybe it is just me...but I like the first picture didn't seem fuzzy to me at all!!! I wish I knew how to use my scanner....(might help if I actually figured out how to hook it up I got one for Christmas last year from hubby...I just HAD to have it. It's still in the box. What can I say...I just don't have time to try to figure these things out!!! are so pretty and your hubby is cute, too!!! I love the picture!!!!

And PS....You are NOT a pest!!
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Ghys - just a quickie coz it's late here, it's So nice to put a face to a name. You look great, and your old fella looks like a really nice and caring man.

Happiness is just written across both your faces.
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Thank you so much Yola. Hubby is a very caring and loving man. I'm a pretty lucky woman!

BTW: What time is it there? I am so bad with time differences. It's a little after 5:30pm here.
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10.30 pm. It's been a loooonnnng day (or so it seems).

Mucho shopping, drinking and eating. It's also Guy Fawkes night AND Diwalli (sp). so masses of fireworks.

Poor kitties are nervous wrecks!
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Ghys - that is a great pic! You both look so happy in the picture. Hubby hates having his picture taken so it is difficult to get 1 of the 2 of us together.

We have a high quality Kodak digital. It is amazing and we bought a larger memory card so we can now take over 100 pics at the highest quality before we have to transfer the pics to the computer.
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Ghys...I agree with Debby. I like the picture you posted better. It looks more natural and you don't looked "washed out", like in the second pic. It doesn't look blurry to me at all either.

You two look very happy together and make quite the attractive couple! You are a beautiful woman and it's nice to put a face with the name!
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Gosh...Thank you Carla. That is quite the nice compliment.

I've already put a face to your name as I've seen your picture....wasn't that with "the" Jeff???? I think he was standing right by someone I think looks beautiful!
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Just wanted to say - Great pic Ghys, you both look faaabulous!!
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What a nice photo! I can not even remember the last time we took one together...
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Ghys, that is a great pic! Now we've seen the whole family, and it is so nice to be able to put faces with names. You both look so happy together.

We have an older Sony digital camera, one that actually stored the pics on floppy disk. It was top of the line when we got it, and we spent close to $1000 on it! Good thing technology gets cheaper with time. We actually don't even have a real film camera. If we do I don't know where it is. We do everything on the digital. We never did good with a real film camera anyway. We would take the pics and never get them developed. We still have film that hasn't been developed and I have no idea what's on it.

The big thing to consider with digital cameras, IMO, is whether or not you want to print them out for physical prints. If you do, you will want to get a higher quality and a high quality printer.
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Gosh....Thanks guys!

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