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Cranberry - advice please

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I've got a UTI-prone kitty. After talking with my vet, I decided to switch him from science diet c/d to timberwolf organics serengetti (dry) cat food...I'm not a huge fan of the ingredients in c/d. The vet thought the switch was ok , but suggested that I give him cranberry tablets to help with urinary pH.

Has anyone done this? What's the dosage? The vet said half a cranberry tablet would do, but didn't say how often. Also, where do you get them? The vet said the ones made for humans would be cheaper, but the local grocery store doesn't carry it. Any input is greatly appreciated!
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Do a search of the forum for Carpon. Some of us use that for our crystal prone kits and have had pretty good results.
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I don't know if it matters or not or maybe your vet wasn't aware but cranberries are listed as an ingredient in the TO. I don't know if there is enough in there to make a difference though.
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Thanks! I did actually do a search for cranberry and found Carpon, but it seems kind of spendy. I'm glad to hear it works, so I guess I'll go with that if I can't find something else. How much is in each Carpon capsule/tablet? And what's the dosage for it?
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isnt grapefruit seed extract good for this kind of thing too?
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I give my Nugent 1 carpon a day. gailuvscats who is the person that first used it here, gives her Fang 2 a day to keep him in balance and crystal free.

What it is, is a cranberry extract pill. I bought some cranberry gel to try, but Nugie seems to like that less than taking the pill so it's back to the carpon.

It does seem a little costly, but at one a day the bottle is good for a little over 3 months and then it doesn't seem like such a big price to pay.

Good luck with keeping your kitty in balance.
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