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My Furniece

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A couple weeks ago we went to St. Louis for my niece's birthday party. I got to meet my new furniece, Pearl. Isn't she a beauty?

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Pearl is a great name for her! So apt! And yes she's a beauty allright!
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Wow... she does look like a pearl! Very pretty kitty.
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Pearl is so beautiful ......... her eyes are majestic.
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o my so gorgeous and those eyes, what a beauty
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aww Pearl is such a sweetheart - her colourings and markings are wonderful
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Pearl...what a beauty
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I agree with her name. She looks like a pearl. Is she a lynx point?
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Naw, she's just a pretty moggie...we figure she's part siamese and part plain ol' tabby.
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Oh yes, a beauty she is! And I love her eyes!
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Pearl fits her perfectly!! Shes absolutely beautiful.
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I love her!! so pretty!!
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Awww, what a beauty! I love her named too.
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