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Design a cat tree

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What are your thoughts are that idea?

My boyfriend staid i should design one and he'll make it for little sammi. I just not sure how to go about it. What would you suggest i add to the cat tree?

I am open to any ideas?
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Ooo boy! I love this kind of thing! Are you wanting sketches or just ideas? Or both?
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I would like ideas and sketches as well. Spread the word. I really like to see thread be very popular. I love this idea to.
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Oh, excellent! Your boyfriend is a sweetheart for offering! I've wanted to do this for a long time, but I've never gotten around to it.

One idea I had involved two wooden ladders bolted to heavy braces on on opposite sides of a big square base. Both ladders would lean slightly inward, with a couple of feet between them at the top for a cozy platform bed. Other platforms and hammocks and tube-beds and such could be affixed between the rungs of the ladders all the way down, but with enough of each rung left exposed to serve as stairs for the kitties. I think the rungs ought to be carpeted (so as not to whack any little kitty heads), and the rails could be wrapped with sisal...
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I know I named this thread design a cat tree but it looks like that won't work so I think this shall be a thread about helping to find a cat tree for sammi. Please remember that i am in South Africa so it'll be expensive to it here if i do find one like so Im looking to spend about in SA currency about 400.00 because i have to add on postage so if any one can help out with finding one in my price range that would be great. I am looking on EBayUK but battling to found someone who will send here, that one i am asking for links maybe.
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ladders are great fun and a great idea!
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How many cats? I would have several shelves, two square hiding boxes and a ladder on the side. Troublesome has a really cool tree house (from UK) that you might want to design from that one:

Take a look at hers

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Well, I'm not one much for ideas, but I hope you come up with something cool! Post pics if you build one!!
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