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I had to let Fred go today.

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I had to let Fred, my guinea pig go today.

The vet said his teeth were already growing back to the way they were before. On top of that he had a URI and an knot on his leg.

This was the hardest decision I have ever had to make. He was my first pet since I have been on my own and my first guinea pig. I just couldn't go on and let him go through all that again. He has been through enough. After talking with the vet she gave me a few minutes alone to decide what I wanted to do. Fred looked right up at me with those little eyes. I knew then what was the right thing to do.

I was feeding him late last night and for some reason I knew that this morning was not going to be good. Kiki slept by his cage all night last night. I think she knew and I think he knew too.

Kiki and Fred hate a love hate relationship. Kiki was always scared of Fred, I have no idea why? She would walk up behind him and paw him and then he would turn around and go after her and she would run from him.

The vets office was so great to Fred and me. They did everything they could for him.

I took Fred to my parents house to bury him. This was the first time I have ever had to bury one of my pets alone. It was very difficult.

I got home this afternoon and the vet office had flowers delivered to my home. I just thought, that was the kindest gesture.

I wanted to thank everyone who has been following my posts for the past month. Your support has been greatly appreciated. It has really helped in many ways.
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Sorry to hear about the loss of Fred I know how much you loved & cared for him.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Fred. It is so hard to lose a good friend. I was reading about your problems earlier, and hoping for the best. At least he is no longer in pain, and you know that you did what was best for him.
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I'm so sorry you had to face such a terrible decision. I haven't yet had to deal with anything like that, and I dread the day. I admire your courage: it takes just as big a heart to follow this path. In fact, I'm quite sure it's harder.


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I am sorry to hear about Fred!!! But you gave him a good home, with lots of love, and did all you could for him!!!! He is better off now, since he is not in any pain!!! My thoughts are with you!!! And what a lovely gesture from the vet, to send flowers!!!!
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Nicki sweetheart, I'm so sorry to read about Fred.

Dog, Cat, Guinea Pig or Goldfish, the loss of any pet is a heartbreaking experience.

I'm so sorry you had to go through it.
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I am so sorry about Fred!
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I wanted to thank all of you for your support. It has been really hard these past few days. I guess it will get easier for me with time. I had to clean out the guinea pig cages last night. It was very hard. I have been trying to keep myself out of the pig room the last couple of days.

My husband is waiting for me to have an emotional breakdown. He asked me earlier if it was coming. I usually keep things built up and they come out all at once.

If it wasn't for Kiki I don't know what I would do. I think she knows that I am going through a hard time right now. She has been so affectionate the last few days. She has kept a smile on my face.

Thanks again everyone.
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Oh Nicki, I'm so sorry to hear about little Fred But you know you did the right thing for him. Its so hard when we lose a baby, most of us have been there and know how you feel, take comfort in Kiki give her extra snuggles and love, she'll appreciate it as much as you do. Love and hugs to you
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I have been avoiding replying to this post but just keep coming back to it. I think one of the hardest decisions to make is to put a pet down. You have done the right thing and you know in your heart that you have. Why then, does that not ease the pain? I feel for you. Fred is at Rainbow Bridge and maybe he is playing with my little buddy.
Diann in Australia
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I wanted to thank everyone for your kind words. Coming and reading the replys has really helped me deal with the pain.
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I'm so sorry, Nicki. I know what you're going through. Cleaning the cage and equipment would bring back all the pain. You were a good mommy. Take comfort in that!
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Nicki, I'm so sorry about Fred. He was well loved, and he knew that. You made the right decision, athough a very difficult one. I have no doubt that Kiki does know that you are in pain, and she is trying to help in the only way a kitty knows. ((((HUGS))))
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