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Possible Positive

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I had this in the fact thread but it fits better in its own thread.

This is more a general comment about what is transpiring in this cat food debacle.

This is awful, no doubt. I am fire-red mad and wish I could take it back for anyone who suffered. A friend of mine lost her 5 yr old, and it's one thing to hear it in the news, but to know someone....or if it's any of YOU, it's so real and so raw. I am so sorry.

One positive (if we can call it that)--is people who weren't previously aware of what constituted cat food, or weren't the least bit interested in knowing, may be more educated on the topic. I don't even think we (general we) know a lot about what goes into our own bodies let alone our pets'. I see people at the stores actually reading the labels now! Not just grabbing what is cheapest or what they are used to.

I just posted in the better food thread that many folks underestimate the benefits of high quality pet food. Knowing what we are feeding our pets makes understanding this so much easier.

This comes at a horrible cost, I realize. I already knew a lot about cat food composition and what to look for what to avoid, but I was getting complacent and this was a HUGE wake up call.

I will get off the soap box for now and pass the mike to anyone who wants to chime in about ingredients, brands, etc....I realize much of that is already in the recent hot news threads but one thread devoted to what makes up a good cat food might be easier for all.

I could be wrong too, so mods, feel free to say so, or move this thread where best suited.

Btw, just ordered Natural Balance cat food wet & dry, different varieties, so if anyone has any feedback on that, let me know. The reviews sound great. We already use some Purina One's, Hill's both script c/d and a regular adult maintenance, but my cats get bored and I also want to shift into a steady natural based line if possible, most of the time.
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I agree that the average pet owner has probably not paid much attention to the ingredients in pet food. I finally started educating myself last year and have made a radical change in my cats' diet. As a result of the recall I'm reading ingredients listings even more carefully and an now aware of who actually makes the food. I still have a lot to learn about ingredients, but at least I've started to do so.

As to Natural Balance, my cats are eating it almost exclusively. They love it and haven't become bored with it or decided to reject it as they have some other foods. I like the fact that it is high protein and low carb, which is good for my diabetic cat.
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Another rave review on Natural Balance~good to hear it.

I am kicking myself for not being more attune to this before. And kicking myself harder being one who has worked in animal health settings to get so lazy about it. And kicking myself one more time for good measure.

I start off strong then just let it slide when it seems all is good in my cat household. But when you look at the big picture, so much is directly and indirectly related to their diet.

After THIS fiasco I will never slack off again. I am fairly positive no tainted foods were given to my cats yet I am paranoid every day at any new behavior.

One of my females threw up soon after dinner tonight and she is NOT one of my 'pukers' and certainly not in the evening. So of course I immediately panic.

I have to realize that my mother in law came today and that could be the cause. Seriously!

This paranoia will be around for a while, I think And I checked the recall list earlier to find that it has *GROWN*. Utterly astonishing.
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