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crazy cat

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Hello everyone, just letting u know how my new furbaby is doing. As u all know, Ash is a 2 month old, smoke doll face persian. And he is totally crazy ......He has so much energy...he flys off the curtins and jumps head first into my plants , I´ve never owned a persian before and I always thought that they where very calm cats...to all the cat experts, will he calm down as he gets older??? I will not hit him, I don´t agree with that, but a friend of mine told me to give him a hard tap on the nose and a very stern NO...but it doesn´t work... , he gives me a face like....Oh ya you don´t want me to do that..well I will...and there he does charging off again, and again and again. If I try to pick him up and hold him, he just jumps out of my arms. After a while when he getts off the "high" he´s on, he calms down. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

I´ll be waiting to hear from all of you....Ciao for now.:pinky:
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Please don't "tap" him on the nose!

* Try 10 min "time-out" in the bathroom
* Try playing him out so he gets tired..... swinging toy
* Does he have enough toys? He could be bored?

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All kitties I've ever had have gone through the house terrors. They ran full bore in and out of every room even climbing the walls. It only lasts a month or two and then they seem to calm down. I think it has something to do with physical and hormonal changes.

A lazer light is a great way to focus their energy. You can sit in a comfy chair and watch the fun as he chases the little light all over.

I try to tucker them out around 9pm as they seem to get pretty roudy after that time. They also seem to get up early to resume the play time so get sleep while you can If you wait to feed them until right after play time, the full tummy seems to get them to sleep a little faster.

I hope this helps!
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What he's doing is normal kitten behavior. Ideally, he would still have litter mates to play with. Kittens should not be taken from their mother and litter mates until 12 weeks. This play is rehearsal for life--for self protection, hunting, all the skills he will need as an adult cat. It's innate. Of course, if you play with him non-stop while he's awake, he'll use some of his energy chasing the light or trying to catch the "mouse" you're dangling. However that's impossible, so enjoy his kittenhood. We are all envious! If he's damaging something, try a loud noise as a deterrent.
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I would go with what Jeanie said - about the loud noise, oyu really just need something to distract his attention from whatever he is doing, try shaking a can that has coins in it, or a loud clap, then once he has stopped, you move in with something else for him to do - a dangly toy on a string, a laser light as Dragonlady suggested.... he'll soon forget what he was doing if there is something more interesting going on!!
But as everyone has said, he is still a kitten going through his crazy kitten stage!!! He WILL calm down as he gets older... but don't wish it too quick, kittens are so much fun
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Please don't hit him! Curtains and stuff can be replaced but you can never replace the special personality that he is. Also, if you look on the behaviour thread, it says there that smacking has no effect on kitties. I had a kitty that used to run up and down the curtains and ok, it wasn't a good look furnishing wise, but it used to amuse me no end. If the curtains are really expensive or if you're really attached to them, take them down and put something else up. You might not win any house awards but you and kitty will have a ton of fun! Just don't smack him.
Diann in Australia
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