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Vets in New Hampshire?

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I'm not sure how many TCS members live in NH, but I'm considering looking for a new vet for my kitty. I've been taking her to her current vet ever since I first got her almost 4 years ago. I'm not necessarily UNhappy with him, but I'm wondering if she may be better off seeing a feline specialist and/or a vet who is open to holistic remedies. My cat has some special needs that are increasing as she ages (she's 11 now), and I want her to get the best treatment possible. Also, it would be nice to have a vet who supports my desire to feed an all-natural diet. I know they can be hard to find since most vets seem to have a particular brand of food that they carry and recommend, but it would be nice to feel like I'm not alone in choosing a good diet for my cat simply because I don't want to feed her what the vet sells.

Does anyone have any recommendations for vets in NH?

Thanks everyone!
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I don't know anything about this paticular vet office, but I did a search for holistic vet practices in NH and found this one.

Veterinary Center Holistic, DVM
34 West St
Concord, NH 03301

Contact Veterinary Center Holistic, DVM
Phone: (603) 225-9680
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I am not sure where you are in NH, but in Machesster, I now go to Dr.Dainne Carey at Lockrdige Animal Hospital on Hanover St., I will never forget how wonderful she was when treating Oliver - and how she sat and cried with me when I had to have him euthinazed. Also, everyone there was wonderful and obviously cared about all the animals that crossed through their doors.
In Hampton Falls, the Baker Wells Animal Hospital on Lafayette Rd, hampton Falls,
I believe that both vets do recognize holistic care.
Welcome to TCS
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Thanks! I'm in the Concord area, so Manchester isn't too far. I actually joined TCS when I first got my cat, but I haven't kept up on posting
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