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Stud Service Contracts

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I was wondering if any one had a stud contract that they could share with me? I have never offered stud service before, or used stud service, but I've been asked about it. Does anyone have anything to share on some must haves that should be in a contract? Or personal experiences that should be avoided?
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Sorry, can't help you there...I've been asked and have refused to give stud service since the person asking me was not wanting to let me see a copy of the female's pedigree ... I'm very into preserving my lines and I will always ensure that the female's lines will work well with mine!
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They wouldn't let you see her pedigree? Oh my word, what were they thinking? Who in their right mind would give stud service without knowing the lines that would be created? I'm with you on that! Thanks for sharing.
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I've used other studs (had my own but never used him with anyone other them my own cats).

Basically, you want to be sure the other person has a record of all shots (and when they were), been tested for any genetic diseases (per the breed).

Would have to see the pedigree of the female and hopefully that female will have been shown to champion or better. Excpetion would be to a female you KNOW has produced top quality cats even if not shown herself. (e.g. Charlie's mom never was shown but has produced more then 5 grand champions )

Agreed on the price of stud service and what you guarentee. Most breeders will guarentee at least one live birth - if not, the female can be rebred at next cycle for no additional costs.

You'd have to arrange transportation of the female (usually the female's owner will take care of all transporation to and from the stud). Agree on how long the female will be kept for breeding and where she will be kept.
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Thanks Golden Kitty, those are some great points.
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I am not a breeder so I have never used a stud service, but I know that here in the UK there is one thing that is absolutely insisted upon which hasn't yet been mentioned - and that is females have to be tested and found negative for FIV and FeLV within 24 hours of being put to stud - here you have to ask the vet specifically for the test that gives immediate results as it is not the standard one used here - and the female is usually tested at their vet on their way out to wherever the stud lives. When using a stud obviously you should ask to see the results of their recent FIV & FeLV tests also.
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You also need to specify what is being paid for, for example is it the actual mating, are you willing to offer free return if no more than 1 live kitten results or the girl doesn't get pregnant. When the fee should be paid, etc. Do you have a return fee to cover costs of keeping the girl at your place. Are you willing for any of the kittens to be sold as breeders to other catteries or are they only to go as pets. I have some contracts on my cats where I can keep as I please but I am not sell breeding cats to other breeders. This is only for the first generation however I have heard of 2nd and third generation contracts. Most reasonable breeders don't go that far but it is a big thing to open your cattery.

Write everything down so that you don't have anything to argue about. Even if the contracts aren't legally binding (lawyers would probably have to be involved to really make one that would stick) they do make it explicit the expectations of each party.
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I have used anothers male (I havent studded out my male) The only difference is I was guaranteed two live kittens not one. One time I paid half down and the other half when they were born and the second time they wanted a kitten back. So that is why they put in the contract they guaranteed at least two live kittens. If she had only had one it wouldn't have been worth the breeding, I would have owed them the only kitten I had or sell the kitten and it would have just covered the stud fee.
I would just make sure every thing you and the other person agrees to is put in the contract and both sign it.
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