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No, none of mine are chipped.I have thought about it and just haven't gotten it done yet.I may have it done and then again,I may not.
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Yes! My animal is microchipped!
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Absolutely! In fact, all of them came to me chipped, but I would have had it done anyway. You can't be too safe, expecially in a big city. They have 2 forms of ID....permanent and visible.

What brand does everyone have? I'm aware of AVID and HomeAgain...my cats have AVID...not many places around here use HomeAgain. I wonder, though, if I move to an area where HomeAgain chips are primarily used, will I be able to chip them again???
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All three of the girlies are chipped
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Originally Posted by IloveSiamese View Post
I am kind of against chipping. I wouldn't want my son or husband chipped, so I wouldn't do it to Squeekers either.
I wouldn't have FH chipped either, but if he gets lost, he can use a cell phone and tell the nice police officer where he lives My cats don't have that luxury. Gracie was the only one I witnessed being chipped...she winced and wriggled, but that was about it.
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Originally Posted by lionessrampant View Post
Gracie was the only one I witnessed being chipped...she winced and wriggled, but that was about it.
It shouldn't hurt them too much to get chipped! The needle is a bit wide only because it has the chip in it. I chip our shelter babies all the time- it takes a whole two seconds I prefer to do it on kitties/puppies when they are at least 2+ pounds and not geriactric simply because the larger needle- but once they're bigger it's not a problem. I usually microchip all of our animals on Thursdays because that's our spay/neuter day- i prefer to microchip them and give them all their vaccines after i give them anestesia and knock them out before surgery so they never feel/know what is going on. But if the pet's already fixed -it's just like giving them a shot- no biggie! Takes two seconds and then you scan immediately for the chip to see if it took. Those two seconds can make all the difference in the world I've seen quite a few furbabies reunited with their owners as a result of those microchips!
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Originally Posted by lnbandcats View Post
I really am not informed about either chipping or tattoing. What do these things usually cost to have done?
http://www.petcaretips.net/microchipping-dog.html there is some information.

It depends where you live how much it costs.

I have been thinking a lot about microchipping my pets. It's better to be safe than sorry.
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My babies have ear tattoos.

When I had Chynna spayed in 1993 I don't think there was microchipping: just tattooing. For unfixed cats the tattoo is inside the left ear. For fixed cats the tattoo is inside the right one.

The tattoo is a combination number/letter that is unique to me and my kitty. My name, address, phone number and kitty's name is attached to this number and is on file with the local Humane Society. When I move I have to update the information with them just like I would with a doctor etc.

Abby also has a tattoo in her left ear.

With Chynna I wasn't asked if I wanted her to have an ear tattoo, it was just done because she was spayed at the Spay and Neuter Clinic and I guess that is their standard policy as they are affiliated with the local Humane Society. Unfortunately the tattoo wasn't put deep in the ear so it's visible when you look at my pure white kitty and it's not easy to read because the person who did it made a mess of it.

When I had Abby spayed I took her to the vet near my home instead and I did request a tattoo with her. It was put deep into her ear and you can only see it if you fold her ear back, and it's easy to read.

I don't know if I like the idea of a microchip. At least with a tattoo it's visible and anyone can see that the kitty has a family and will likely contact the Humane Society. With a microchip it's invisible and I don't know anyone who walks around with a microchip reader in their pocket, so any cat that is on the street and seen looks like a stray. I know so many people, including me, who have found a stray kitty and taken it home and either adopted it or found it a new home. I'd hate to think that I rehomed someone's cat because I couldn't see an ID tag.

In the future if I get another cat I will also get her/him tattooed instead of a microchip, just because I think it's a better system than sticking a foreign body into the animal and because it's readily visible to anyone who looks at the cat.
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All my cats and the dog are chipped.
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Karma is chiped. When we got her from the Shelter she came that way. Its policy to chip all animals before they go to their new homes. We had no choice. If givin the choice I would do it again. Its not worth losing her for.
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Originally Posted by lionessrampant View Post
I wonder, though, if I move to an area where HomeAgain chips are primarily used, will I be able to chip them again???
The current chip should be able to be read by a universal reader. Apparently the Home Again chip can be read by any reader, and when we move back to Australia, the Australian chip reader's should be able to detect it as well.

I remember not too long ago, one of the chipping companies was trying to change the design of the chip so it could ONLY be read by their special readers - which meant all vets and shelters would HAVE to purchase their reader, but the Office of Fair Trade (or whatever it's called in the US), said it wasn't allowed, so they didn't do it.
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All of mine are chipped and have safety collars with ID tags.
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all mine are chipped
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Mine are all microchipped as well. Better for the peace of mind for me..
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No, they are not, I do not believe in 'chipping'. I would not want it done to me, and, if there ever came a time that I would have to get 'chipped', I would rather die first.

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Mine arn't at the moment but i live in a flat so they dont get let out hence my living room looks like a giant cat gym!!! but as soon as i move in to a place with a garden i will get them both done for sure!
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The Avid chip scans on the avid and home-again scanner! When I adopted my kitten and brought her to the vet, I told the vet she was supposedly micro-chipped! She asked me which company chip she had and I was unaware, she scanned and told me AVID... because AVID will scan on both scanners (AVID and Home Again)! Its a little confusing because Home Again is also a big company, somehow she narrowed it down to AVID!
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All my current ones are chipped and collared. I know people who have only got their cats back because of it - and some have been months/years. I do like the idea of tattooing though, it is too easy for people who dont konw about it to take them home, but my vets have introduced a system where every new pet registered has to be scanned, or they wont accept you as a client.
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Originally Posted by ddcats View Post
No, they are not, I do not believe in 'chipping'. I would not want it done to me, and, if there ever came a time that I would have to get 'chipped', I would rather die first.

May I ask why??? It's easy to insert, and increases the chance of them being returned. Hurricane Katrina proved this. Most of the chipped animals got reunited with their owners, whereas the nonchipped ones had no identification and no chance.
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One of our kitties is chipped - she came that way. The other one isn't, but I'd like to get it done soon.
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sarahp-in reply to your question:

I know there are many benefits to 'chipping', but, maybe I watched too much sci-fi when young;it just seems invasive. Seems like everything is becoming electronic in some way or another. Humanity is becoming unhuman and more robotic. Everybody is plugged in, including me! Plugged into video games, phones, computer, television. Did you see Stephen King's Lawnmower Man?

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My dog has a micro-chip. I plan on getting bean chipped when he gets neutered.
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My animals are not micro chipped because 4 years ago when I researched it I learned scanners were not universal. I even called local vets and animal shelters and only one had a scanner. Now if my area has gotten up to date I am not sure. My breeder is totally against it because she says she knows breeders who have had to have chips removed because the chips were not staying in place. I am not against chipping and will probably will do it sometime in the future.
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both mine are chipped with 24hrpetwatch.com, it cost $12-$15, and there was no registration fee with 24hr petwatch.... I can go online & update any & all info, report them missing etc....
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Phenom is chipped but Phantom isn't yet. But I do plan on chipping her soon.
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I said "other" only because only Oliver is chipped. He tries to get outside every once in a while. Tripod was found as a kitten and he has no desire whatsoever to go back into the outside world.
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There's a short article about pet identification in the April issue of Cat Fancy. A study conducted in part by the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine revealed that 71% of lost dogs were found, but only 53% of lost cats, and said that cats are more difficult to find, because few cat owners use identification.

Please don't believe that because your cat is indoor only, he or she doesn't require identification. Cats can and do get out. One recent Christmas Eve, an apartment building near us caught on fire, and was evacuated. Several cats escaped the fire, as fire fighters cleared all apartments in the building, but not all of them were recovered. Those that were found and returned either had identification, or were indoor/outdoor and lucky enough to be recognized by neighbors and taken in until residents could return to their building.
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DDcats - chipping is nothing like the things you see on SciFi films, it is just a very small chip that enables cats to be reunited, from a rescue point of view, I wish it were mandatory, we get so many in that look as though they have been looked after, but with no collar, no chip and no missing pet poster, we have no chance of reuniting them.
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I have to add that no anesthesia is required for chipping. I do "vet runs" for our local shelter, and have seen a minimum of 100 cats "chipped" - they don't even flinch.
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Löki is microchipped. He never goes outdoors, so it's a neither here nor there. Unfortunately, Jacob isn't microchipped. He's technically my daughter's cat, although he spent his first couple of years with us, and moved back in almost 2 years ago. He likes to door-dash. I would love to get him microchipped, but my daughter still thinks of him as her cat, so what do I put on the info? I think he and Löki would be heartbroken if she tried to take him away now, but don't really know if I could stop her. Hopefully, she will realize that he is our cat now and won't press the issue! I'm not confident on that though.
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