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Happy 9th birthday, my Princess Jenny!! 4/7/07

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sometime in 1998
when I was in the 7th grade, my parents picked me up when school was out for the summer. I saw this gorgeous puppy my brother was holding and I looked into her big brown eyes and asked if I could hold her. After I held her,
that was it. I fell completely in love with this bundle of love.

My parents decided Rocky needed a buddy so they got Jenny out of the "free" adds.
Her mom was pure rottie and her dad is unknown. Golden or yellow lab we think. maybe both? who cares, really? I love her no matter what breed she is.

Anyways, I am so glad they picked her. The others were
black and tan.. she was the only golden one. She is the love of my life, my best friend, my everything and I don't know what I'd do without her. She has always been there for me through thick and thin. I just can't face losing her ever.
I just hope she has many more happy, healthy years with us. Of course, I love all 3 of my other dogs and her equally, but me and her are soul mates..

She is my soul dog. She is the most faithful, loyal, loving, devoted, sweetest dog I have ever met in my life besides Rocky.. and would do anything for this family and we would do anything for her as well. We just cherish her so much. I can't even tell you how much. She did have a growth removed off her foot last month (non cancerous) and is getting her bandage changed each week by the vet. the vet said hopefully it will come off on Monday. we'll see. I feel bad for her but she will be her old self again soon, I am hoping. She has been such a good girl through it all and the vets just LOVE her! well I can see why they, do. Everyone always says she's beautiful and a sweetie.. that's my girl! I am just soooo glad she came into my life. In my eyes she is the "perfect" dog.

pics in next post..
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first Christmas..

my lil' reindeer girl in 2004

pretty camera shy girl..

Jenny and Rocky..

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me and my pretty girl in 2005 It's my favorite picture although my knees look huge.

Jenny and Buster..

Sleeping with Buster..

Just getting some fresh air..

just one more post..
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Happy Birthday Jenny!!! What a beautiful girl shes is ......... (Rocky too but this is not about Rocky ) Heres to many healthy years ahead of you!
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She is beautiful!! Hope her day is fllled with lots of love and tons of doggie treats!!
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She is my soul dog. She is the most faithful, loyal, loving, devoted, sweetest dog I have ever met
She sounds just like my RB cocker spaniel Rex. So faithful to me, that when my Dad tried to discipline me (I talked back ), he attacked Dad. Here's to more wonderful years, Jenny!

(Now give her some treats! )
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Jenny, you're so beautiful and sweet! Happy 9th Birthday!
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thanks everyone for the sweet compliments on my beautiful girl.. She sends you all kisses. and Jan she thanks you for the was very sweet of you. I am off to spend some time with her now. It's kind of hard to kiss her and love up on her with the e-collar on her but we'll manage. and I will definately give her some treats for you all!
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Its kinda odd but... My Jenny just turned 14 on the first of this month... can you guess what her nicknames is? The Princess... I just thought it was kinda funny...

Your baby is quite the cutie!
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She's very beautiful!

Happy Birthday, Jenny.
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Happy 9th Birthday, Jenny! Here's to many more years! She's such a beauty.
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Happy late Birthday

I hope u had a GREAT day, and u have many more birthdays to cherish

Also what a GORGEOUS girl u are, and all ur other buddys u are all such cuties
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Jenny thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and compliments.
she had a great birthday!
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She's such a beautiful girl with a sweet face.
Millie is my heart dog, I know you feel.
Happy belated birthday, sweet Jenny!
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