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Meet Munchkin!

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Many of you have been following the story of Munchkin, "the Sixth Kitten" in the feral forum. She had to go to the Vet today after being attacked by one of the other cats. She'll be fine, but she did have some ugly scratches and one gash in her leg.

She'll need antibiotics and some attention over the next few days, but thank God it wasn't more serious.

There's nothing here to give you any perspective, but there were only two pics left on the digital camera, so sorry they're not great. She's not much bigger than a hand, and she weighs just over 2 pounds now - despite being six months old. What a survivor.

She's SO MUCH cuter than she appears here!

We're going to foster Munchie when she comes back from the Vet.

Hope Lazlo and Shelly are willing to share the small space we call home!
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I know my hubby bought a chip that holds tons of photos and he puts them on my computer so I never run out! I can even put the photos directly onto a disc.
Any way your rescue kitten is adorable! What a cutie!! I hope she has a quick recovery! I'm sure you will get a home for her fast!
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Munchkin is cute! She looks a bit bigger than what you say in the picture. I guess it's true that film adds 10 pounds or in this case 5.
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We do download the pictures - but we hadn't when he went out, and there were only two then. Then she got attacked, and he took her to the Vet, so this is all we got for now.

Here's one that shows her near a small rubbermaid container we put all around with water in them. Maybe that will help show just how teeny she is.
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...too bad there wasn't an Oak leaf in the pictures - she's probably not much bigger than one old oak leaf!

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Very pretty!!:tounge2:
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What a cute little lamb!
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Munchkin is a very cute kittie. Glad to know she will be ok.
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Nice pictures Laurie, you sure can see her feral side! Good luck with her!
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What a beautiful little girl! She might still be a feral, but she has sweetness in her face. Give her a snuggle (or a scritch if she doesn't like snuggles) for me!

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Oh Munchkin is SO sweet! Thanks so much for sharing her pics and story!
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she's a cutie!
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What a little sweetie!!!

I have not yet read about her story...but am going to go do so right now....I don't get much if any time to look around in the other forums here, because I am usually going through piles of e-mail notifications of new threads here in the lounge, when I have time to get online, and I feel bad for missing things in the other forums!!!
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Munchkin is soooo cute!!
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She is so adorable! Someone will surely fall in love with her.
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Awwwwwwwww Munchkin is so adorable. One the cutest cats I've ever seen :tounge2:
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I happen to think she is beautiful! I hope that she becomes the litlle love bug she looks like she can be!
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LOL I call my cat 'Love bug' amongst other names.

Buttony Girl, Squeety Cat, Pie feet(!?), black butt, fuzzy butt, furry trousers, the list goes on.
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OMG Laurie, what a little cutie!
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Gary picked her up this morning while I vaccumed, etc.

She is SUCH a little lamb! The Doctor Gary and I like (there are four, I think, at this hospital) said that the other Doctor (the oldest one, the owner!) who told us she had all of her adult teeth and was 5 -6 months old was nuts. The guy we like thinks she MAY be 3 - 4 months old.

Whatever it is, she must have been abandoned young or I just don't know what. But at this point all we have to do is look at her and she starts purring and kneading - with all four feet! It looks like she's running in place.

We bought a large dog crate so Shelly and Lazlo could travel together. We never took that trip - but we have the crate. So we put all kinds of fluffy warm things in there - and that's where she is. With the door open. Gary made a "litterbox" out of a cereal box. We have litter and dirt in there, and it's covered with leaves (that's what she's used to from outside).

She won't use it. Yet. She's eaten and drunk a whole carton of cat milk mixed with water. She'll cave pretty soon!

But we take her out and pet her in our laps. Gary took her for a "bath" in the shower. She, of course, gave herself a complete bath afterwards (which was good to see, because we've never seen her groom anything other than her back legs). She's still a bit damp - but WOW is she soft and fluffy!

Gary is already telling everyone we've adopted a third cat. He's dropped the foster-parent thing altogether. While it makes me really pleased - I'm all in a quandry, because if we don't adopt her out, we can't bring Spooky in.

...and if you think we're having four cats in here full time - YOU'RE NUTS!

Well - we'll see.

Shelly has already introduced himself to Munchkin, and she didn't even get up from lying down. It's back to business as usual with him.

Lazlo has slunk out into the living room several times, but can't bring himself to be O.K. with Munchie. I've spent more time petting Laz today than ever (and he hasn't seen me holding Munchie on my lap, though I'm sure he can smell it). I'm totally reassuring him he's my number one. We're back to the tail up and purring - but we are NOT happy about the intruder.

I carried him in to the living room to stick him on the back of the couch to bird-watch (one of our favorite activities). He enjoyed it for a while - but kept looking over his shoulder to eye the crate perched at the other end of the couch. As he was getting down (across my laptop), he looked over at the crate and gave it a small hiss.

I think it's going to take Laz a day or two to be sure he's still King of the Castle.

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Laurie, I am so enjoying the picture I have of Munchkin "making bread" with all four legs. It must be adorable. It's great that she's so loving, considering the small amount of handling she probably had before you--if she was handled at all!

Just one question, if she's not using the litter box, where is she depositing her deposits? Ahem.
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Like Lazlo, she was just holding it. But unlike Lazlo, at least she wasn't sleeping on the dirt!

She FINALLY went! Of course she used the little litter box he made for her. We praised her to high heaven.

She got SO playful after that! (What a relief for everyone! ).

Laz was kind of mad, and I remembered about the height issue (alphas get the highest place...). We took the big crate off the couch and have placed it on the floor in front of the front door. (You can't get out the front door without moving it, but we made sure we were done with outside for the day first. The crate is too big to put on the floor anywhere else. It is as wide as the space to walk here).

He immediately trotted out of the bedroom - tail up. He kind of leaned his head over her direction and sniffed - and hopped up on top of his box (where the crate had been). He stared at her for a while, and decided all was O.K. Had a bite, and then slipped inside the box for his usual late afternoon nap.

While Shelly and Lazlo passed out, she went to the bathroom for the first time. Of course she was peeing for like 10 minutes.

We "showed" her around the house, and the little cave we bought for her that we put in the bedroom - just lower than the bedside tables where Laz's and Shelly's beds are. It's the other side of the table we put up so Gary has a "bedside" table (since Shelly's bed is on the actual bedside table). She popped in there and started purring up a storm. The whole thing was rumbling.

Jeanie - she's never been handled by people before. I am not kidding when I say that Gary is extraordinary with animals. The Vets are amazed each time we bring a cat in. They all let Gary handle them. It's a gift and a blessing.

But she's inside and happy, and it looks like there's not going to be much of a problem with Laz and Shelly. Shelly has said "hi" a couple more times, and she's just part of the fam for him now, I think. Lazlo just needs constant reminding he's King of the Castle, and he'll be fine. :tounge2:

Here's another pic (after the bath):

(Maybe now you can see how little she is!)
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The close-up:
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How cute. That definately is a look of pure content written all over her face.
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OMG!!! She is so tiny! And SO adorable!!!!
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Oh goodness!!! She's such a.....a..... MUNCHKIN!!! Owwweee!!!! She's soo cute!!!
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She is so beautiful. I would go to an interview with her. But I'm wondering about the "feral" tag. All the ferals I've had anything to do with have been not like domestic cats. They are compact, sturdy, wild looking animals that are totally wild, totally unapproachable. So I'm just wondering whether feral means the same everywhere.
Diann in Australia
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Laurie, she is such a sweet baby doll! What a face. Goodness she is a tiny thing, isn't she? She may be "feral" but with all that kneading going on she doesn't sound like a feral. Sounds like she is pretty happy to be inside, and Shelly and Laz will be good big brothers to her. What a happy little family!
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Well - I don't know about Lazlo yet. Shelly has made peace with Munchie. Lazlo still growls, although now that he's hit her in the head a couple of times with his paw and she FINALLY hunched down and put her ears down (not back) (sure looks like "I give" to me!), I think we'll be alright. At least Laz is back to himself this morning - strutting around with his tail up, playing, purring when I pet him. Until Munchie "gave," he was very disturbed and didn't do much except stare at her, constantly changing his position to eyeball her from a different place.

When we finally headed for bed around 1:30am last night, we decided to leave Munchie in the crate as opposed to bringing her to bed with us. We figured it'd make the guys feel better. We don't have a separate room to keep her in, so I guess we effectively made one (and it has the equivalent of a screen door!). It's big enough to house a place to play for her, a place to sleep for her, a small litter box Gary made out of a cereal box, and her food and water. We didn't hear a peep out of her until we woke up this morning. She was snoozing each time one of us came out to check on her. And she continued to use the litterbox when she had to go to the bathroom (as we found out this morning) and she slept in the blankets. Yay!

We did put a mid-sized litterbox next to Lazlo's and Shelly's (the only place it really fits). Of course, they'd mostly used that one last night, but because it's so small for them, they kicked litter out of it when burying their stuff. So we had quite a mess of litter to clean up this morning!

We let Shelly and Laz "inspect"her this morning before we opened the crate. Then we fed the boys, waited a few minutes, and then put (wet) food out for her in the other corner of the kitchen. She was eating when they finished, and Laz came over and stuck his nose in her ear. She backed away, he sniffed her food - and strutted off. She then finished eating.

During "play time" after that, She was rolling around with her toys on the bed by herself. We played out here with the guys like usual. Laz kept getting really distracted. So I picked him up and took him in there. He went into "stalk" mode. But I decided not to interefere unless he jumped her. We krept up on her - and she finally stopped playing when he was about an inch away.

He Sat Up as Tall As He goes. He leaned over - and BAM! He hit her in the head. No claws though. She just stared at him. He did it three times in rapid succession. And she finally crouched down. He looked so pleased with himself, and trotted out with his tail up and everything seemed normal.

I kept leaning around to check on her. I couldn't see her so got up to look. She was passed out in Shelly's bed holding the little Ty cat (stuffed animal). After I came back to work (at the laptop), I noticed Laz wandering in there. He tip-toed up to her (instead of stalking her) - leaned in there and put his nose right on her ear. She didn't wake up. Then he started licking her! I guess that's good! I praised him to high heaven and gave him treats.

Here she is, sleeping:
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Laurie, What a neat story! If Lazlo gave her a mini-bath, he must feel pretty good about himself. And Munchkin is so sweet, cute as can be, and barely as big as Gary's hand! Gary's gift? Isn't that something? For a man who never thought much about cats before? It's just magical. I'm happy/sad that Rocki is going to a different home. I'm sure you feel the same. God bless you for helping His little creatures.

Diann, feral cats in the U.S. can be any breed. They are different from strays in that they have never lived with human beings. Some, on very rare occasions, can be socialized, but it takes great patience and is close to a miracle. Debra Myers, moderator of The Rainbow Bridge, did it with Goldie, and Hissy, another moderator, had also done it often. I would assume that the feral colonies to which you're referring have been established for so long that they are inbred and have become a separate breed unto themselves. Perhaps you have areas that are not heavily populated. ??? I don't know.
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