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My newest furbaby has a couple of well, od habits. Now please keep in mind I don't know anything about his past except that is declawed and he is neutered. The previous owners will not answer my calls to get any other info on him, like his age.
His first odd habit is that he tends to sit with one front paw held off the ground, and it's not always the same one. Why? I didn't catch him in the middle of anything except sitting there.
The second odd habit is that he jumps doors. Well, tries to scale them would be more accurat. He likes to do this when my hubby goes to bed. He no longer closes the door as we thought that was the problem, but William still does it.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm not sure about the door jumping although it's probably just one of those things.. Reeses likes to scale our dressers and open the drawers

As for sitting there with one paw slightly off the ground, Reeses does that too and I could never figure out why she does it. It's cute though
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Benson used to jump at doors too when DH went to bed. He is more attached to him then me. He finally grew out of this habit. I think he realized DH will come out eventually.
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Was first gonna say that maybe his paws hurt from the declawing. Not every declawed cat will do that and many clawed ones do. Check and see if there is anything on his paw or how he reacts when you touch the toes/pads.
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Well, he doesn't particually like his paws being handled, but he doesn't cry when I groom them (he's a persian). He just holds it there like he's about to groom himself, but doesn't.
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our stray who we took in always does this , when he was outside i would notice it and got worried that he had hurt himself . but he still does it now and has been checked by a vet , i agree i think its cute.
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Buffy loves to jump on doors, but I've found she's simply trying to "catch" something on the door, like a piece of an old childhood sticker that ripped off, or it's a tiny patch of sunlight, or it's one of those little hanger knobs for clothes.
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