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Hi all. Just a quick update on Prissy and her babies. All are doing well and the kits are growing fast. They still don't have their eyes or ears open yet. They are one week old today!!! They are just precious. I can hardly keep my hands off them. Prissy tolerates me touching and holding them well for a stray. She is looking much healthier since we have been doctoring her ears and she seems much happier.

Whoever had her before she came here had a dog, because she allows our german shepard-Duchess-to stick her head in the box to check things out now and then. No hissing or anything. I hope whoever threw her out knows what they are missing. We love her already. She is an excellent mom.

Just wanted to let you know how things were going. As soon as I get pictures I will post them.

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Kathy, Glad to hear Prissy and her babies are doing well. Those kittens will make wonderful pets. Every litter we have ever had and handled early on have been so people friendly.
Probably whoever threw her away didn't want to deal with kittens. Their loss and your gain.
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Great to hear it. Aren't kittens the cutest?
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That's right Kaaren it is our gain. Our family has grown but we have enough love to go around. I am so happy to have this opportunity to raise babies. kittykratz is right--kittens are the cutest.
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what a lucky cat to have found you guys. I'm sad to say that most people I know wouldn't have done the same thing. You have such a big heart.
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So glad everything is going so good!!!!!!! You are a sweetheart!!!
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This is Gr8 news! Thank you for cheering my day! And tell your new feline friends, for me, that I'm a big fan.

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Thank you all for the kind replies. I don't feel I have done anything special. I just can't stand to see an animal not cared for and loved. I think we are the lucky ones to have this opportunity. I am as excited as if these were my own babies!! This site is a godsend. I am glad I have fellow animal lovers to share this with.

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