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my dogs in major trouble!!!

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I just rushed my shih tzu to the vet.

A aa battery fell out of the kids game boy and before we knew it she took it and tried to eat it. She popped 2 holes in it and some must have gotten into her mouth. Her mouth and tongue is swelling and peeling already.

The vet is keeping her to wash out her mouth and watch her breathing hes worried that if she swallowed any of it it could cause swelling of her airway and cause it to close.

My kids and I are in tears. We are so carefull about keeping things put up. She will eat anything. Im praying she will be ok.
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Also after we are through this she will prob have to switch to wet food for a while cause of her mouth anyone know a good wet dog food? She currently eats science diet small bites dry. I just really hope she makes it out ok. My husband is worried about the price and im not even thinking about it at this point.
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oh my god that must be so scary! I hope everything ends up all right! Good dog food brands are Canidae:, Innova:, EVO:, California natural:, and the Natural Balance wet food is good: (I don't like the dry because there is not enough protein). Hope that helped, and hope your poor pup is ok
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Oh, goodness, honey, I'm so sorry about this!!! I'm sending serious vibes to you and your poor dog! I pray that she'll be okay!

For wet food, bypass the Science Diet. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, and you must also forgive my being blunt, but it's crapola, right along with Iams, Eukanuba, Purina, Pedigree, etc., etc., etc. These foods are loaded with fillers, by-products, and things that are basically horrible for your pet's health, IRREGARDLESS of what your vet will tell you.

If you want a great canned dog food, for not a lot of money, try Chicken Soup of the Pet Lover's Soul. Or, an even better food for not much more is Canidae All Life Stages. Both can be ordered online, or purchased at a ma-and-pop type pet store near you.

Hang in there and please keep us updated.
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Well we were able to pick her up. The vet irrigated her mouth every 10 mins and put her under so h could get a better look at her mouth.

It doesnt look like she swallowed any she has some damage to the back of her tongue but not in the back of her throat.

He gave us a sring to feed her with and some predisone and a antibiotic in case of infection and gave her some pain meds at the office. If she started vomiting or wont eat or drink for 24 hours we have to take her back.

She seems to be ok little groggy and sore but her tails still wagging. The vet said its almost like a chemical peel in her mouth shes got some skin peeling off her tongue and gums.

Thank you for your vibes and ill keep you posted on how she does.
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Oh how scary! Good thoughts from here for your little one!

The foods listed already are excellent options!
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WOW! Hope she gets thorugh this ok.

Another thing you can do if you don't want to deal with canned dog food is mix up some boiled chicken, cottage cheese, rice and some canned pumkpin. This will be easy on her throat and stomach, and she will like it. It is not a long term solution but it will get you through a week or so.
Bet of luck to you, they can drive you nuts sometimes!
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I'm so glad that your baby is okay.
My Sister has a Shih Tzu also.
He's a little devil and they have to watch him like a hawk, that little stinker would try to eat anything!
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o my how scary that must have been I am so glad that ur baby is ok tho and many quick recovery and get better and feel better vibes ur way
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Awwwwwwwwww how scarey.I'm glad that your dog is doing better now though.
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Well shes doing real well today. Her mouth is still very sore and raw but shes acting more normal.

I had to get some canned from the vet for now till i can get to petco. But she LOVES it. We have always had a hard time getting her to eat but shes downing the canned food so I think we are gonna switch her to canned from now on.

If she eats it and it dont upset her stomach. The vet thinks before that she has ibd. So ill need to find a good canned that wont cause diarhea. Im just so glad shes ok.

Thank you for all your vibes.
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Wow, how scary!! I am so glad that shes ok.
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what a scary thing to go through im glad she is ok,
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I'm so glad she is going to be all right!
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Yeah shes running around acting normal again. I am so glad that mouths heal fast. She loves her soft food and I think we are gonna keep her on it as she is eating it well. I have always had cats and have no clue on how much to feed her the can says a dog 10 pounds should eat 1 can that just seems to be a awfull lot. We usually gave aher about 3/4 a cup of the dry but she usually didnt eat all of it.

Thank you all for your vibes and caring it was a really hard day for me and it was nice to know I wasnt alone and others cared.
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I'm glad everything is going well and your dog is feeling better

What kind of food did you get for her?
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I'm very happy to hear that she's back to her old self again.
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Well right now just the science diet the vet gave her as I wont be able to go out of town till the weekend to get to petco. Its just reg science diet adult dog food canned.
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What a scary thing to have happen. I'm glad she's going to be okay. Why not mix the canned food with the dry? It'll make her like her dry food more. The dry food is good for keeping her teeth clean, and plaque free.
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yeah thats what ive started doing. The other thing ive notices since feeding canned is that her bowel movments are more regular. Kind of strange but she used to have a lot of constipation/diharea and now shes been doing really well.
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