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Unintentional injury by cat...

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I was rudely awoken this morning at 1:00 in the morning by a kitty apparently trying to pierce my nose with her claw....from the inside! OOOOOOOWWWWWW!

Apparently, Ginger jumped up on the bed by my head, saw Ophelia was snuggling with me, and quickly turned and jumped down. When she turned, her back paw claws came into my on my cheek, on on the bottom of my nose, and one inside! And you know how face and nose scratches/cuts bleed anyway...and this was a gusher. Dang my nose hurts this morning!!

But Ginger knew she had done something. She was sitting by the side of the bed looking very concerned, and when I went to the bathroom to check the extent of the injuries she came in with me, wanted up on my shoulder so she could rub and give kisses. She's really a sweet little girl.

I know I'm not the only one with an unintentional cat injury. Share!
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Fortunately, my face has never been in the way of a kitty's leap, but about a year or so ago I was nude, in bed, cuddling with MY Ginger, and she heard a noise that scared her, causing her to leap away from me.

In doing so, HER back paw left a really nice 6-inch long gash just over and to the right of my right breast, going almost into my armpit. OWIE! Stinging, bleeding, I ran to the bathroom to wash it off, and I just couldn't be upset with her - it was MY fault for having her so close to me while nekkid. She had no clue she'd hurt me.

Fortunately, the scar has faded nicely.
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Owie! that sounds painful!
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This was 100% my fault. Takoda was sitting on my thigh this past weekend watching me eat my cocoa puff. To distract him I crumpled up a piece of paper to toss. I knew I was going to regret it as soon as his eyes started dilating. I even told him if I throw this ball he was going to get me good.

Did that stop me? Oh no not me! As soon as I tossed that ball he was off like a shot. Now my thigh has 8 count them 8, 3 to 4 inch deep gouges on the top of my thigh.

Takoda didn't have a clue and brought me his toy back for another toss.
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I've had lots of accidental scratches over the years
My face has been ran over but luckily any scratches to it weren't deep, I did get a good one on my neck a few weeks ago.
Worst was when I was 6 years old, my cat was laying on my pillow and stood up to stretch. As she stretched out her back legs one of her back feet slipped and scratched my eye. I had to wear an eye patch to school, it was awful.
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maybe she just thought you would look sexy with a nose ring?

well i need to go to the hospital after heyu first came here, cause she jumped(she is not very good at it) missed and started to climb my leg. she left some very long and deep marks that need to get glued back together.
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I had an unintentional eye injury from Sophia a few months ago. She was laying next to me in bed and got spooked as usual and used my eye lid for a springboard Ohhh the PAIN I had a cut and a bruised eye for 2 weeks. Good thing my eyes were closed
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OHHH I have some good stories to share about unintentional injuries made by cats! BUT I'll only share ONE!

Buddy really likes to be on my back for some reason so often he'd jump on my back and climb to my shoulders where he'd proceed to sit and look around.

Well, one morning I was bent over in the bathtub rubbing myself dry with a towel.... Buddy decided he wanted to get on my back so he jumped... As he jumped, I straightened up (didn't know he was jumping) so he hit me near my neck then started sliding down and he tried to grab on with his claws and dug in my BARE BACK with his claws. He proceeded to rake his claws down from my neck to my butt with me screaming bloody murder.

I couldn't sit or lay on my back/butt for at least a week without PAIN! AND for a day or so, my shirt and pants had blood on them since I couldn't reach most of my scratches so I couldn't put bandaids/patches on them!
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Pam, you win!

OMG - the pain, the agony!!!
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
Pam, you win!

OMG - the pain, the agony!!!
The things we go through for our cats!

I have learned what NOT to do from that. Buddy still insists on jumping on my back whenever I get out of the tub so now if he does that while I'm straightening up, I immediately bend over so he won't use his claws to stay on again then wait for him to get bored and get off.

Thanks for the sympathy! LOL. I still cringe with pain whenever I think of that experience.. It really makes a big difference when you're wearing CLOTHES- the injuries are a lot less!
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My worst cat injury was on my right foot. Emily had the crazies one night and dashed at top speed across my bare foot (apparently with her claws fully extended), leaving 2-3 very large and deep wounds. It took about a year for the scars to fade.
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I've had a lot of those unintentional injuries by cat over the years.

The most recent one was a week or so ago, I was just getting ready to get into bed, which is pretty much the only time I don't have socks on. Well I don't know which one did it...but one of them got scared by a noise, and "peeled out" on the know that noise. Well that always causes a chain reaction in this house, pretty soon you have at least 6 (sometimes 8) frantic cats tearing through the house at 100mph. My bare foot was in the way, and they had their "traction spikes" out. It left a nasty gash on my toe. OWIE.

Another one I can remember...Note to self, traps are safer than the "grab" when it comes to feral cats. Anyway, when I caught Precious outside last October...I had her all calmed down, purring in my arms. Granted this was the 3rd time I had touched her and the first time for holding her. I carried her all the way to the door w/o any trouble...I stupidly had my arm under her body, and my hand sticking out right in front/below her face...but anyway when I opened the squeaky screen door, she got scared and chomped down on my finger as hard as she could. OWIE again. Lots of neosporin and band aids healed just fine. And she's a much calmer kitty now.
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There have been so many unintentional injuries in the time we've had Roxie, probably all my fault...

One that was definately my fault was when Roxie had fleas ...

My BF and I decided to give her a flea bath (with some great all natural stuff we got at Petco). She had only had maybe 2 other baths in her short life and you know how cats are with water. Well I thought she might be calmer if I stood in the bathtub with her. Boy was I wrong!! As soon as the bf poured a cup of water over her back she went crazy and used me as a climbing post, going from my feet to my head. I was screaming at the top of my lungs. Boy was it painful. What in the world was I thinking getting into that tub with her. Needless to say, my shorts and tee were torn and I had bruises and gashes from head to toe. Ouchie

I haven't given her a bath since and next time I do I will NOT be sharing the tub experience with her
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Over 20 years ago, my parents had a great, great cat named Chavela -- and unfortunately, we didn't know any better then than to keep her outdoors. One Easter, my brother and his wife brought their two lop-eared bunnies over to visit, and they put a little mini-picket-fence around a tree in the backyard to make a place where the bunnies could stay. Chavela was very good -- she observed the bunnies, but did not disturb them at all.

So everyone was out in the yard playing croquet, Chavela was lounging in the porch swing, the bunnies were having a nice grass-and-clover salad... it was a lovely, peaceful day.

I had just stepped inside to get some lemonade when suddenly, the wooden fence across the back of the yard came crashing down, pushed right over by two huge Dobermans! They came bounding into our yard, and one of them went for the bunnies and the other went for Chavela. My sister-in-law protected her bunnies, and my mom started shouting at the dogs.

At that time in my life, I was extremely phobic about dogs, and I was just terrified. But I'm proud to say that, nonetheless, I ran right back outside and snatched Chavela off the swing just in time! Then I got back behind the door and watched while my father and brother grabbed the dogs by their collars and led them out of the yard.

Chavela was all bristled up, of course, at least as scared as I was. And after a couple of minutes, when the adrenaline began to dissipate, I became aware of pain in the arm where I was holding Chavela. I looked down and saw that two of her front claws had actually curved right through my skin and back out again! There was nothing to do but wait for Chavela to calm down enough to retract her claws, which she eventually did. But boy, did I get an infection from that!

Poor Chavela... I wish we had let her live indoors. My parents had both come from a time and place where animals just didn't live in the house, so we didn't know any better. But we do know now, and everything we do to try to give our kitties happy lives, we do in part for good ol' Chavela.
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My most recent Pepper induced injury, while not as dramatic as some on here, still hurt bad enough! It was about 4AM and I had to get up in about an hour and Pepper decided it was time to become a PIA. He jumps up onthe bed with me, drapes himself around my head and digs his claws into my head. Now, you might be thinking, "that's not unintentional" and you'd be right. The intentional part came from me pushing him off the bed because it hurt. He didn't want to be pushed off of the be so he dug his claws into whatever happened to be near him. He dug his claws into my wrist. Really deep, really painful! I still have scabs from it and it has been at least 2 weeks now!
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Well, lets see- I have the "naked after bath and bloodied" one recently with Smoochie- she jumped on my shoulder as I was drying off, and as I was petting her, I realized that the shower hadn't popped from shower to faucet, and of course, it promptly did- scratches all the way around my shoulders and neck, from one side to the other...

...and then there is the "if the cat is in the pots and pans cupboard, let them get themselves out and deal with the cat hair later" one- crashing pots and pans = bloody shoulder and back...

...and my favorite one, the "don't get too close to the couch when you look under it for the 5 week old foster kitten", as I got it right in the eye, in the cornea, and it goes horizontally (you know, so your eyelid rakes across the whole thing and pops it back open every time you blink?) since I had my head sideways to look under there for her (and at 10pm at night, to boot). I have dry eye, and still- 7 years later- it will pop back open at night if my eyes get too dry... and that's just to get started...Cats!!!
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Boy, do I have a painful one. All my fault. Several years ago when I had my mostly Persian cat Kitt I was playing with her with a wad of paper rolling it from one hand to the next and Kitt was trying to catch it. The doorbell rang, startling me, and I moved my hands very fast,which startled Kitt, and she gave me a nice big scratch that gave me a case of cat scratch fever! I had thought cat scratch fever was a joke, I sure don't anymore! Poor Kitt, she couldn't understand why I was yelling so loud!
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Sonic did this to me a week ago- I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one
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Oh ouch!!!!!!!

My story...from kittenhood on, my ophelia liked to sleep on my shoulder (now she just sleeps next to my pillow). I worked nights, and would often awake to her gently patting my check with her paw, nails in of course. One day when she was 7 months, she goofed and I awoke to a toenail going up inside one nostril. I was so startled I think I shouted..she never, ever did so again, and even now, at 13 y.o., she is exquistely careful when reaching a paw out to touch my face or my husbands.

My husband has a scar on his nose, slight, on the tip, from his beloved Frank (RB)..which earned Frank the full name of Frank J. Noseripper (and yes, our Frankie is named in Frank's honor) the moment I don't recall the details of just how that scar occured.
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I get clawed during play sessions with Reeses all the time. She'll forget my leg isn't a scratching post, stretch up and dig right into my knee too...ouch
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Here's mine:

Our (RB) Baby Boy shredded my hands. He had a habit of going potty on the bed. I went into the bedroom and there he was laying on the bed. I though, if I remove him, that'll avoid his using the bed as a littler box. I talked to him calmly and walked towards him. I petted him and slid a hand under his tummy and one across his back. Just as I was picking him up, one of the other cats let out with a yell ( there was a fight going on) and Baby Boy reacted. He mauled both of my hands. I still have the scars from this incident. You couldn't even see my palm or the back of my hand through the scratches and it bled like crazy. Mom told me it looked like I had hamburger hands.

I can say after that, Baby Boy never went into the bedroom again.
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Ouch! A lot of painful injuries there!

I remember I was laying on the couch one time, having just finished reading a magazine. I put the magazine on the arm of the couch and Kahu was in the midst of his usual crazies, and he decided that he wanted to jump from one arm to another. He failed as he slipped on the magazine and he jumped over me and my hand was on the other arm and he ripped my palm open. Boy that was so painful - it did bleed a lot, and had to have it glued together! There's no scar, surprisingly enough!
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I have a fair number of scratches but Matt got it worse. When one of us is home and the other one calls, he likes to chatter on the phone, well I guess he heard my voice and tried to jump up on Matt's legs to get to the phone and he has several deep scratches across his legs
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My worst injury happened on a day that I was moving from one apartment to another. Most of my apartment was in the truck out front and basically all that remained was a sofa and a few boxes. I sat down on the sofa for a break and saw my cat come flying down the hallway directly at me. She leaped up on the arm of the sofa and tried to cut across to the back but my face was in the way.

The scratch went from the corner of my eye to behind my ear. By the time I stood up, the blood had hit the floor. I ran to the bathroom and left a trail of blood the entire way. What did I do to the cat? I hugged her cause I knew she was scared by the move.

My DH had a bad injury. Our neighbor went on vacation and brought his cat over to our house to watch for the weekend. Melvin had stayed other times with absolutely no problem, but for the first time, they didn't leave their dog with us. Melvin freaked out and started to fight with my cats. DH reached under the pool table to pick him up and carry him to a spare bedroom to isolate him and Melvin bit down on his arm. Hard. As DH pulled his arm away, Melvin came with it and in fact DH stood up and raised his arm over his head with Melvin attached by his teeth. He doesn't know how he dislodged Melvin (he was freaked out himself), but knows that he left a major trail of blood on the way to the bathroom. He got cat scratch fever from that one.

The odd thing that we learned that day was that Bogart, our house ambassador who groomed every cat who ever entered the house, witnessed Melvin's attack on my husband and for the first and only time in his entire life, attacked another cat to the point that I thought he was going to kill him. My gentle Bogart!! I managed to get Melvin locked up in the bedroom where Bogart guarded the door until we took Melvin back to his house the next day.
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It's always the quiet ones...don't underestimate us...
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Ooo I have a few to share.

One of the more scary ones happened whenl I was picking Nikita up to move her into another room (she was due a timeout after trying to attack my hands and feet lots and lots while playing, very hyped up).

When I was about to go through the door a motorcycle zoomed through outside and scared Nikita. She ran off, using the insides of my wrists to push off from with her back feet. I got scratches on both but only deep on one wrist. It bled a lot and was quite scary.

So now I have a scar along the wrist right over the main veins in there, looks exactly like a failed suicide attempt. Heh.. it used to be a good 2 inches but the bit in the middle has faded now though.

Another incident happened recently. I went to pick Nikita up to give her a cuddle (I do that all the time) and she'd been completely zoned out. Didn't notice me coming at all so she freaked out when I picked her up. I lifted her up maybe 5 inches in total before she turned around (it happened so fast) and turned into a blender and ran off. I got one deep scratch on my calf that took ages to stop bleeding and two deep puncture wounds on my arm. These are still healing, the punctures got slightly infected but not too badly.
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The worst I got was from my first cat, Jasper. He was around 6 months old, still a kitten but getting big. I was holding him over my shoulder like he liked, saying good bye to my boyfriend at the screen door and a dog came up on the front porch and startled him. His claws came out and he took a flying leap over my shoulder, using my chest as a launching pad. Leaving a deep gash going from my collar bone to the top of my right breast. That was 6 years ago and I still have scar (especially in summer) but I love it. Jasper got hit by a car and was killed so I treasure that scar.
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My stomach looks like I have had 5 C sections in different places Every time I have one laying in my lap one of the others decides to cause everyone to freak out and take off, so who ever is in my lap uses me as a spring board.
Ziggy was laying beside me one morning and Dunkin came flying in and I had a whole paw print with holes in my Butt They can get spooked so easy
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Originally Posted by halfpint View Post
... one of the others decides to cause everyone to freak out and take off...
I can SO relate to that...I don't think a day goes by that we don't have one of those moments. The noise of 32 feet scrambling at full speed is unmistakeable. It freaks ME out. LOL
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