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Our cat is drooling on us!

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Hi...I am new to the site. I was wondering if anyone has any advice or can shed some light on our cats behavior. Our 18 month old cat has in the past couple of months drooled on us 3 times in the last couple of months. She is a very loving cat...but even more so with my spouse. It seems that when she is very happy and looking for attention..she walks over us...tries licking our noses and eyes or just resting her nose against one of us. But last night she drooled on my face...not a little drool..but alot. It almost seems like she held water in her mouth and tried to put it in my mouth, exactly as she had done to my spouse. Has anyone ever heard of this behavior? We were obviously grossed out by it...and are now trying to sleep face down so she doesn't do this again.
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Hi Irocha and welcome to the site. I am going to put this in health and nutrition forum for you. But if this were my kitty I would take her to the vet quickly. She could be having some major problems with dental disease and it can take hold quickly and cause some real problems for her and you too.

Good luck and now here I go, moving you!
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But from things I've read it is also a sign of affection. They just overflow with "love" so to speak. Please do get the teeth checked and make sure there aren't any plants she may have gotten into. Just thought I would put that out there for you! Sloppy kitty kisses and good luck!
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If you can try and open her mouth to see if there is anything stuck in there. I know it sounds funny but a foreign object that's lodged in her mouth could cause the excess drooling. Or as Teresa mentioned some cats that are very affectionate drool as a result. I know a cat named Garnet who, when having his face scratched drools all over himself.

I would have her check out by a vet just to be on the safe side if this continues.
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i had never seen this drooling from a cat until i catsit a friends cat and she would get up on my chest and drool just as you described, as if water was pouring out of her mouth-
fortunately she was on my chest and not up in my face!

i am now catsitting another cat, and when she is real happy, she drools too, only not as much as the other cat

so, hopefully your cat will check out physically and this will just be a a very moist sign of affection!
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I have 2 who drool occasionally. They only do it when they are getting snuggles and are feeling very happy and content - it just means she loves you!
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I know this is a late response but I just wanted to let you know that I have a couple of droolers in my pack. Rocket is an abyssinian who just LOVES attention and at night he will get up on my chest and purr and purr and purr all the while I am petting him and everynight like clock work, he will start to drool. He never does this any other time except at night, so I think it might be like a securtiy thing for him. He also will suck on my ears on occassion that is why i think that it is a security thing.
Luna will also drool, but I am not sure why she does this. She loves to be petted also but she mainly drools when you are laying in a quiet room with her alone. She was a feral cat I brought inside 1 year ago in Dec, so I am unsure of her back round. I know she had at least one litter of kittens and something horrible happened to her tail(it was like someone had ripped half her tail off. all it was,was bone sticking out from an otherwise healthy tail. We had it fixed though) So to make a long story longer (LOL) I have two that drool and two that don't. One a purebreed, one a feral. the ones that don't are a farm cat and another feral from Lunas pack. I don't mind though, I love to know that they are happy and content, and if drooling is that way, then so be it.
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Another late response...drooling in cats or dogs can be a sign of poisoning.
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