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Holy smokes, O'Reilly and Geraldo going at it

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WOO, take it outside boys!!!!

Be sure and watch the video provided, don't just read the story!!!

And IMO, O'Reilly was right.
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Why is Geraldo even still around?

1987 called, it wants its career back.
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Holy Cow, thank you for posting that. I had heard about it but had not seen it.
I agree with O'Reilly also but see what Geraldo was saying too. I like them both.
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lol i just watched that, now that was a good fight, and i dont think it was staged.

i under and agree with some of what O'Reilly was saying.
however i dont think he was hearing what Geraldo was saying, which was he does not want this to become a witch hunt, and for illegals to be accused of crimes and stuff they did not do. when geraldo father frist came here. everytime there was a crime, they lived in fear of somoene saying it was purto rican that did it.

It is a very fine line, between controlling the need to deal with this issue, vs turning it into racial issue. How i dont want illegals here, i also do not want people driving down the road and jumping, beating up someone they THINK is not american.

that is what i got out of what Geraldo was saying... i do disagree with the idea we sold the idea to them to come here. having spent time overseas, so many people have the wrong idea about america. Or as one person i know said, you people are crazy work to much ,no time off. they went back to there country.

We need to enforce the laws that we have, put more guards on the border,
and back them up, not put them in jail for shooting a drug dealer, fine or put in jail people that hire them, etc...
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I think the marketing of America selling them the wrong idea about "Come to America, land of wealth and freedom and beer and naked women and juicy hamburgers" is what lures some people to this Country. I also know the reality is that the people attracted by those marketing ploys are the ones who don't necessarily have any opportunities where they live now. They see neon lights and fast cars, not 12 hour shifts at Mickey D's and living 20 people to a two bedroom single-wide trailer.

The legitimate immigrants: people who fear for their lives from religious, political or social persecution - they come here legally. They get in line, they fill out mounds of paperwork, they FINALLY arrive here (sometimes after years of living in fear for themselves and their families), they go to work at a job that was found for them BEFORE they got permission to come here, get a home and become responsible citizens.

Do we have problems with drunk driving Americans/Jews/African-Americans? YES. But as O'Reilly said (and I find it hard to back him up sometimes, I really do) "This man broke the law 4 times before. He never should have been on the streets of America."

And I agree with you, Bruce. Enforce the laws we have. Usually local and state police are the first to encounter illegals, they need to have the training, the resources AND the authority to detain them on behalf of the Federal statutes. In NC, we have 2 INS agents for the western half of the state. That's over 2 million people, not counting the illegals that are estimated at nearly 300,000! Those 2 people can't possibly be expected to handle all the illegals. I know a local city police officer who says they are taught not to ask immigration status, because even if they are illegal, all that will happen is they'll be let go because there is no one to process them.
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OMG, a quote from the USAToday blog...

"Ask the American Indians what the price is for uncontrolled immigration."

That is one of the best quotes I've read.
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Originally Posted by neetanddave View Post
OMG, a quote from the USAToday blog...

"Ask the American Indians what the price is for uncontrolled immigration."

That is one of the best quotes I've read.

lol well they have a good point.
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Both men were behaving badly; imho: Billo is an @ss.

Still waiting to hear Billo apologize to Shawn Hornbeck for his horrible statements.
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lol maybe they were, but for once it looked like something real, and not staged
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Isn't Geraldo about due to have his nose broken again?
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Originally Posted by katl8e View Post
Isn't Geraldo about due to have his nose broken again?
too funny
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I love Bill O'Reilly. I think it is so admirable of him, his one-man crusade against pedophiles and pushing for Jessica's Law in every state.
In the states that don't have it, he really goes after their governors and I think that is great. It is about darn time we start protecting our most innocent.
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There are many people out there crusading against paedophiles, let me tell you. The more it's in the public eye, the better IMO. It's an insidious, almost impossible underworld to break into and everyone needs to step up to the plate to help protect children against these monsters.

A version of Jessica's Law has been introduced on the federal level, it is referred to as the Jessica Lunsford Act. Stricter terms for child sex offenders (or any sex offender) is a great idea IMO. I thought I read somewhere that there was a murder of an innocent man as a result of Jessica's Law, though, but I'll have to look that up. I don't think it's right to allow civilians to take the law into their own hands, as often happens with child sex offenders.

I don't like Bill O'Reilly at all. I'm not going to go into why, but he is a good example that there can be good found in everyone. Not everyone is ALL good or ALL bad, and it is possible to dislike someone and yet respect some of the good work they do.
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I don't see anyone in the mainstream media as high profile as him crusading to protect our children. Good grief, I don't even hear politicians on either side of the fence talking about it.

He is on it continually, every night almost. Plus his radio program.
He lets the public know the judges that give light to no sentences for convicted sex offenders. He sends people to interview these horrible judges and make them squirm. He is after every single state to pass tougher laws against sex offenders and most importantly ENFORCE them.
I don't know anyone else in the media that does as much as he does regarding this.

But Dateline is great too for catching on-line predators. Those people that work behind the scenes for Perverted Justice are great.
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Originally Posted by ReesesPBC View Post
Why is Geraldo even still around?

1987 called, it wants its career back.
LMAO - didn't Geraldo have enough public humiliation when he couldn't find Hoffa.....
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I admire both of them for being passionate about what they believe in. They both got a little um...emphatic. They're human.
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I don't think there is any animosity between the two of them, though. I saw a click of Bill's show late, late tonight and the two were yucking it up and laughing about with each other. I got the impression that they had a good deal of respect for each other despite their differing views.
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Considering how they acted after the argument, it wasn't a personal issue, but rather both men emphatically stating their thoughts on the matter.

IMO, neither of them was listening to the other. Bill wanted Geraldo to agree that the man should not have been on the streets and Geraldo wanted Bill to agree that you can't make it about Hispanic illegals.

I understand Bill's point, and I really understand Geraldos. Often illegal immigrant is transposed with hispanic immigrant, but they are not the same. It is true that the majority of illegal immigrants probably originated from Mexico, but to tie it all in a knot together is wrong.

Illegal is illegal. Both men were trying to get that point out there, I think.
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