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HOW TO? Make an 'outside cat' and inside cat?

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I have decided to start keeping my 1 year old cat inside. Any ideas on how to make the transition easier??????????
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Make sure there is plenty of window access, even making a cat perch in one or two of her favorite windows. Definitely increase play time, try to keep entertained and happy while staying indoors. I check back if I think of more......Also is your kitty spayed, neutered? Very important indoor or in/outdoor....
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Also, a good idea IF you're going to leave the windows open for kitty to get some freshair, make sure your screens are "cat proof". Cats can claw there way out of most screens that are in windows...they aren't very "heavy duty". Most hardware stores have "pet proof screening" and it is not very expensive to have your window rescreened.
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Place some birdfeeders ooutside the window, feed the squirrels.
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No, he is allMale. The reason for bringing him in is I have decided to register and use him as my King Cat. So, there is that. I plan on having my 'cattery' part on the screened in sun room. I really think his biggest problem is I have babies right now that are 5 weeks old and HE LOVES them. Even though he is not the father --he acts like a good daddy. He hates to leave them. It is actually kinda sweet in a way. They have their own 'cat house' and he is either inside it curled up bathing them or on guard right outside of it.
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You must get him neutered, otherwise he'll start spraying stinky stuff all over the place, drive you CRAZY wanting to go out, and give the 'babies' a hard time (eventually, if not now).
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Originally Posted by marykaybelle View Post
No, he is allMale. The reason for bringing him in is I have decided to register and use him as my King Cat.
Not sure what you mean by 'decided to register' him, I assume he is a pedigreed cat since you are going to breed him, then he should have come to you already registered.
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Play play Play and lots of indoor toys like cat trees, thats what i did with my cats Also i've tried cat grass for them to chew on
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He is a 'natural bobtail' that naturally occured from my mommie cat. I contacted the CFA and they have informed me that since 'bobtails' are a new breed they will allow him to be registered from 'unknown' parents.
So, that is why he is not registered.
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CFA is letting you register an unknown cat? IMO the cat has to have more to the standard then just being a natural bobtail. Does he look like the breed? If not, then don't use him.

I find it hard to believe that CFA is allowing this - they are the most strict of the cat associations. I think the Bobtailed cat is a "breed" in one of the other associations (TICA or ACFA or something). Does this cat you want to bring in and start a new breed fit the standard already in place?

What kind of cats are you breeding him to? What plan do you have to establish the breed? How many other breeders are you working with? Have they seen this male to evaluate him as one to be used in the breeding program?

If you want to bring him inside and start a program you HAVE to confine him to a stud cage - he cannot be allowed outside any more. Establishing a new breed takes a ton of money - do you have the resources to breed, show, cull, and place any kitten not meeting the standard?
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ok, so you were letting him outside unneutered? Doyou know how many potential litters he has fathered? Do you know how many kittens are being tossed into shelters right now because of irresonsible people who do not alter their cats? I just picked up my 5foster kittens tonight, foster kittens that should not have been born into a world where there's not enough homes. Do everyone a favor and get your cat fixed. Sorry (not really) to sound harsh, but you're being very irresponsible here.
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Jeez you guys are really hardcore with all this "THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE LITTERS!!!!" doomsday stuff. I thought this place was for suggestions and help...not being criticized and judged.
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Yes its for suggestions - read my post. Ace does NOT fit the standard for the American Bobtail cat - he's more of a manx type. Therefore he should be neutered and stop producing unwanted kittens she has NO idea where they are!
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I'm not trying to offend anyone here. However, getting a cat neutered is not a law. It is a suggestion. I believe there is a good reason to neuter house cats because of overpopulation of animals bred with human selected traits that make the animal less suited for living in the wild. But, not everyone feels that way. It is good to share knowledge...but there's a line between being convincing and being offensive. Some people stop listening or may stop coming back if they feel their views are being's hard to convince someone to consider your side if they aren't listening anymore. Notice Marykaybelle hasn't posted in awhile...

Marykaybelle, maybe instead of neutering the cat, you could keep him inside if you decide later you will breed him if he gets papered so he doesn't father litters while he is out and about.
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CFA will not just register a cat "parent's unknown" without the cat being evaluated by judges, other breeders. So I seriously doubt the cat will get registered.

Its not close to the breed stardand and should not be used as such. I posted the breed standard from CFA in the Breeders section - take a look at it. The standard also says "no allowable crosses" - which means you can't just breed the cat to any other cat!

I would support someone with the intentions of using unknown cats IF they came up to the standard (like American Curls). In the 1970's the American SH was still allowing outside/unknown cats to be used in breeding programs - BUT those cats had to fit the ASH standard - they couldn't just be random cats! She's not using any cats (from her pictures) that remotely resemble a Bobtail cat.

I got to see a LH Bobtail recently at a cat show - her Ace is nowhere close.
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