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Ohmygod in heaven. help.

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Alright. A) Hi! I've missed everyone terribly so but I've been working 6-7 day weeks none stop so I haven't had much time for anything.

B) Here are my problems.

Isis is around 7 months old now. And up until now, she's been great. But she's started this habit of peeing everywhere but the little box. It's mostly on towels and clothing. Now sometimes, not always, she will meow VERY loudly right before. I'm figuring that's the in heat part and I know I need to have her spayed. But there are other times she does it just to do it. And it's right in front of me and me only. Never my husband. And never on my husband's stuff.

Jade is around 1 year now is doing pretty much fantastic. HOWEVER, for some reason, we like to tip over the garbage can, spill our cat food everywhere, and tip over mommy's stuff at night.

So anyways, it's like suddenly my house has gone insane... Any ideas on any of my problems? Anyone?
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Has she been to the vet recently?
Does she have a UTI?
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not sure about the peeing problem, but tipping over stuff is clearly boredom. i'd suggest play times of at least 15min where you exaust the cat - like hide and seek, da bird flier, etc.
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I suggest a vet visit ASAP for Isis. She could have a UTI which makes it painful to pee causing her behaviors.

As for Jade, she sounds to me like she's the typical bored teen kitten. I would play interactively with her at least 2x a day for 15 minutes each time. Make sure she has tons of toys of her own as well.

Did Jade's behaviors start about the same time as Isis'?
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I would bet like cococat said, she's trying to get your attention. Meowing right before peeing probably indicates pain.
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Originally Posted by Jazmynn View Post
I'm figuring that's the in heat part and I know I need to have her spayed
Unspayed females will often pee on things, first I would get her check for UTI as already mentioned. She is more than old enough to be spayed, they can be done as young as 8 weeks.

If you need a low cost clinic here's a link listed by state
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You've gotten some great advise here. The peeing is probably her "advertising" for some company during her heat.

I highly recommend "Da Bird" for bored kitties. I have two acrobats when I pull that thing out. Also the "Cat Dancer" is great, but that one wasn't interesting to them until I figured out how to move it correctly. Now they can't get enough of it and more stuff stays on my tables.

I play with them 20 minutes when I get home from work and right before my bedtime.
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I'm also in the "UTI Camp." The yowling before urinating thing could be signifying some pain right before the act...please have it checked out by a vet before anything else to rule it out or treat it.
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i also recommend a UTI check with the vet for the peeing kitty.

for the trash tipper i recommend a covered trash can (but make sure you remember to close it, i've learned the hard way). and make sure it's the kind that has a smooth top. we had one that didn't work because he could still hook a paw on it. stimpy is my trash tipper. we also have plenty of toys out, and some are the interactive puzzle type toys.
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