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I'm really worried about zion. He has been having diahrea (sp?) for the past 2 days now. I switched him over to Purina dry food (from canine) about a week ago.
You think it could be from the FAST switch? I didn't wean him in at all, I kind of forgot that I had to do that
Now i'm stuck with runny dodo and have to bathe him everytime he goes #2!!

I'm also wondering, could it be either
1) He's sick?
2) He ate some food of mine that was laying around...
3) Purina dry food was on the recall list, and he's now sick!!

How long do you think this runny dodo will last???
SHould I go back to canine and just quit the Purina?

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Diet changes can cause diarrhea, in which case it would probably go away after he gets used to the new food. But, it can also indicate more serious health problems, so if it continues or if he starts acting differently, it might be a good idea to have him looked at by a vet. That way they can give him a check-up and rule out any serious conditions.
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