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How far along?

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I work with kittens alot... but n ot too often with pregnant mommas... she has me stumped.

We got her in about a month or just over.. she didn't show signs of pregnancy at the time. She was a wild cat and got stressed from being kept inside, so she got sick and had to be moved to our special needs room.

She was in there for 3 weeks or so, before being moved back to the main centre.

A week ago, which was when she was brought back, I noticed she was pregnant. I didn't notice before hand because I don't deal with the special needs cats... I don't even go into that room unless I absolutely have to, because I don't want to risk passing any sickness to the main centre.

She's alot more friendly now, I can pet her and whatnot.. but still can't pick her up to see if she is producing any milk.

After palpating her belly, I think I feel 3 kittens.

But I'd like to know how far along she is so I can bring her home closer to her due date as to not upset my mother. My last pregnant foster cat was 'due any day' and didn't have them for a month after I got her.

She's still got a full appetite and she is mega freindly...
She had to have been pregnant before she came in so she's gotta be at least 5 or 6 weeks along.

Here are some pictures.

Shot from up top

Side shot

Belly shot... you can see one of the nipples with the fur groomed away from it..
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She looks about 5 or 6 weeks pregnant. She is really pretty i like her coat.in about 2, 2 1/2 weeks i would bring her home for the delivery.
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it can be very hard to say how far along she might be. if she is only carrying 1/2 kittens then it could be any time . what have the vets said about her? they are normally pretty good at judging how far long she might be. and as you have said you can feel the kittens , have they started moving yet?? if yes then i would be tempted to say maybe 7 weeks along?
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I am not sure if I have felt them. She purrs nonstop so all I can feel in her whole body vibrating.

the only time she saw a vet was when she got sick about 3 weeks ago.. and all he did was give her antibiotics.. he didn't check to see of she was pregnant or anything.

She is only about 7 or 8 months old.
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She must be due within the next week or so.

I checked her file when I went to walk the dogs this evening, and she came in Feb 21st, and that was what.. 7 weeks ago almost?
I'll see if I can bring her home this weekend.
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Yeah judging by the time you got her then she is probably due soon.

I just want to say that that cat is so gorgeous. If you are looking to get her adopted after her kittens are gone then you will have no trouble.
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