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Vomiting cat

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Hi there,

I am new to the site, and have a question.

My cat Lucky is 15 years old. Up until now, she has been a healthy happy kitty. The past few days, she has been vomiting A LOT. I am not talking about fur balls, or undigested food. It is a lot of greyish liquid. She is eating and drinking ( drinking a bit more than normal ) like usual, and she is acting normal too.
I don't have a lot of money to take her to the vet ( I am currently unemployed ) if I don't have to. Any suggestions on what this could be or what I can do for her?
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Your little girl really needs to see a vet without any further delay.

The problem could be any number of things and no one online is qualified to even hazard a guess. It could be something very serious and life threatening or it may be something easily dealt with, but only a vet could help you find out.

Maybe you could borrow the funds to get her seen or qualify for a care credit card. There are also places online where you could apply for asistance if need be. I don't have the links off the top of my head, but if you want more info, I'm sure we can come up with many links of places for you to look.

Whatever means you use, please get your girl in before things get worse.
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If she is vomiting a lot she needs to see a vet. At her age, the vet might want do a CBC to check all of her organs, if she hasn't had one recently.

I think some vets will work out a payment plan with you if you can't afford to pay up-front, just call before you go and make sure it's ok. If not, try Care Credit like Tru suggested.
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I was going to say what Sasha said. The vet should be very understanding. They won't refuse to treat your kitty. If they do, then they're not a good vet. Call a few different ones.
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