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So, about 15minutes ago,
My friend called me from her job at the laundromat
and she told me that someone had left a kitten there.
She felt really sorry for it, but isnt really a cat person.
Knowing that I love all animals, she called me, and asked if
I would take it in.
I agreed, and went to pick it up.
The poor thing was left outside all day in newspaper
and its cold today.
Its very very small so, its def. a baby.
I got it home to a warm area, bought it some cat food(moist)
and im unsure of what else to do.
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If necessary, ill take a picture of it.
It looks very dirty and the eyes look, well...nasty.
So, do you need a pic?
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How old is it? And yes a pic would help. And if you can, get it to the vet ASAP!
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Im not sure how old it is.
Its tiny.
I cant get it to the vet though...
i'll post a pic up soon.
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A pic would be nice so we know about how old the baby is. From there we can give advice. For now is the baby eating? drinking? just give it lots of luv. you could get a warm wash cloth and wipe it's eyes. And make a vet Appt. asap.
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^^Yes, the kitten is eating.
He's very afraid
The picture may ttake a while as its sent from my phone(no digicam)
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actually, here are the pics:::
excuse the bad quality.

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Aww its cute is it all black i luv black cats... so it looks like its doing good in the eating department. give it alot of luv...needs attention and pets.. That Vet appointment is very important. watch through the night for potty, poo and pee.. so u can help the vet out.

thats about as good as i can help...
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its not all black,
its like, dark brown.
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~Well its definatly a young one. Hmm from the looks of the pics 4-5 weeks maybe alittle older. Food, water, warmth and love is what is needs immediatly. Poor baby probably has worms so a vet visit would probably be good. Is she/he eating well? Going to the bathroom on its own? Is the baby weak etc or is she active? If the baby is weak, and you dont have say Nutrical etc around take alittle Kayro syrup...from the grocery store, and let it lick alittle of your finger or rub alittle on the gums and roof of mouth. Does the kitty have teeth in? You need to keep the baby in a big box with some towels or small blankie. Have water and food available and a small litter box may be good not sure that she would go to it right yet. Usually babies that small momma cat takes care of cleaning them up. If the baby isnt using the bathroom on its own you need to take a warm washcloth and rub the backside to stimulate the kitten to use the bathroom. Im thinking the baby is old enough to go on its own though. Get her to the vet asap. Thats the best thing you can do~

~Good luck~
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He's very weak.
He's slept alot.
But he's eating fine.
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The kitty just started meowing like crazy!
I dont know why...
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Maybe he misses his mommy?
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~He is probably calling to his mom. I feel so bad for this little guy. He doesnt have a clue what has happened to him. Do you have a hot water bottle? Or a clock u know the kind that ticks? Id wrap a hot water bottle in a towl, and put a ticking clock in a box so maybe he can cuddle up with a stuffed animal make him feel like he is with mom.
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I don't know where you are keeping him, but I suggest getting a dog crate or a carrier, put a big stuffed animal in there so he can snuggle, heat up a rice pack and put it in there too and drape a towel over half of the crate/carrier. Put his other things in there too, litterbox and food and water, toys, etc.

Then dim the lights and play soft music, this should get him to sleep or at least be quiet throughout the night or while you are away.
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Thanks for your help.
I think he may have just wanted a cuddle.
He's doing okay fornow.
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Jessi, this is very important...has he/she had a bowel movement and a pee yet? If not, you'll need to stimulate him/her so that he/she can go!!! It's dangerous for a young kitten to not eliminate on a regular basis, and extremely young kittens will not be able to do it on their own quite yet. He/she looks tiny enough that for litter, simply use a shallow tin foil cookie sheet or pan...a 4-pack is like $2.00. Apparently, he's isn't demonstrating the need for KMR, as he appears to be eating adequate amounts of wet kitten food. This is a good thing...perhaps you could offer KMR in a little dish with his wet food, however, just to supplement.

To stimulate potty behavior, use a very soft washcloth dampened in warm water to rub his/her bum with, while he/she is standing or being held over the litter box. For better instructions, visit .
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Here's an excellent link. Now if the little kitten is eliminating on his/her own, don't worry about it. What a cutie!
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may i also suggest that he dosnt eat from a tin . he can easily cut himself on this. you have been given great advice already so i dont need to add to that. good luck and keep us updated please.
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Could be hungry, or might have to potty. Is it pottying on it's own? If not, what you do is take a wet, warm papertowel or three... and roll it over on it's back...rub the warm papertowel over it's lower belly down toward the genitals (this mimics a mother cat cleaning them and helps them potty). Just sort of take short strokes similar to what a mother cat would do if she was cleaning them... just beware that the kitty will just "let go" and you'll have to be ready to catch it with the paper towel when it happens. Fortunately, it's not usually a ton since they're so tiny..

Another thing is it may be hungry. They tend to eat less more frequently when they're small. It may also just want attention. Unfortunately, you're going to have to try to figure out what the problem is. Keep us updated, and I'll be checking posts frequently throughout today if you get stuck. It's been awhile since I've had a teeny baby, but I have done it before, so .. hopefully I can help some.
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I would also advise checking on the kittens tummy for fleas. Also, if the tummy is really round, it is very likely the kitten has worms. Don't use regular flea or worm products you buy in the store, as they might kill the kitten, but let us know if you find fleas, and we can help with some ideas on how to get rid of them safely.

If you can't afford a vet visit yet, I would suggest at least calling your vet and asking how much it would cost for a fecal check. Then you can take a fresh poopy sample to the vet, and if the kitten has worms, they will give you a safe wormer. Fleas and worms can kill young kittens.

Be sure to keep the baby warm. And offer the canned kitten food on a plate...that is easier for a kitten to eat off from. I like to use paper plates to save washing dishes!

Another thought would be to call a local cat rescue and let them know that you have a foundling kitten. They may be able to offer advice for you. And if you don't want to keep the kitten, or can't, they can help you find a home when the kitten is old enough.
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He can pee and poo on his/her own.
And it ate from a tin because I didnt get bowls.
But, today I got supplies, which include.
1. A bed.
2. Bath Wipes
3. Litterpan/litter/liners
4. Bowls for food and water
5. Toys

Is that good?
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I'd say that's a good start. In addition to that you may want to add some Nutrical if you can find it.. it's a high calorie supplement that might be useful if you end up having trouble getting them to eat. I think you can get it over the counter at a pet store. If not, a vet should have it, and I think it's under $10. As long as he's eating okay it shouldn't be an issue but if he drops off on his feed a bit.. you might give him a little boost of the nutrical. You'd only need a tiny bit, consider how tiny the kitten is, but the vet could advise on how much if it's needed.

Check with everyone else here on the bath wipes.. not sure.. not sure if there is anything in them that might be harmful or not. If there's no flea issue, though, I would try to keep him from being wet as much as possible.

Sounds like you're doing a great job!
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He eats well.
So, im not sure about needing nutrical.
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As long as he's eating well.. he won't need it, or shouldn't, but.. if he goes off his food a bit, nutrical can help keep his weight up. You won't need it as long as he's gaining and not dropping.

How's he doing overall? Hopefully that's a healthy little kitten and you guys won't have any problems at all. Certainly a darling!
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Jessi, don't forget to take him in to the vet ASAP. He needs an overall checkup, and he needs to be put on a vaccination schedule. Also, bring a stool sample, so that the vet can check for parasites, disease, etc. Once he is old enough, he'll need to be neutered...16 weeks is a good time for that.

He's such a cute little ball of fuzz!
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I will be taking him to the vet.
Im able to recieve FREE care for my bubbles.
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Awww...his name is Bubbles!!!

Can't beat free vet care!
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